How can Nintendo save the Wii U?

Rice Digital takes a look at the key areas that could save Nintendo's flagging console.

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NYC_Gamer2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Nintendo should invest into different type of franchises that appeal to other gamers not just their hardcore fan base

Lord_Sloth2798d ago

Agreed. New IPs never hurt anything. Though it doesn't help that they neglect Samus and Link in favor of Mario, Mario, and more Mario. Oh my bad, they also have Luigi. Silly me.

Seriously though, I still cannot fathom why they were willing to outsource a Metroid title. Is she not worth their direct support?

Theyellowflash302798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

The Just released Zelda Wind Waker HD and The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds.

How are they Neglecting Link?

Stick892798d ago

@Yellow An HD remake, and a portable game. We are discussing the Wii U and when it comes to Zelda, ever since that tech demo they showed when they announced the Wii U everyone has been wanting it to be a real game.

Lord_Sloth2798d ago

They just (re)released a Zelda HD re-release (they've never stopped relaunching old games) of a Zelda game I didn't care for the 1st time around and a handheld for a system I don't want. Why are we limited to 1 new Zelda game, 1 new Smash Bros, and only potentially a new Metroid every generation yet subjection to a bazillion Mario titles and Mario spin offs?

Loadedklip2798d ago

Zelda A Link Between Worlds
Zelda Wind Waker HD
Zelda Skyward Sword
Zelda Spirit Tracks ...

... all in what ... 4 ... 5 years tops?

N4g_null2798d ago

the mario games require game play tweaks while the other games would not be exceptted with out fancy new concepts and new graphics.

Also team ninja was one of those teams given a free pass on game design... I dont think nintendo understands the mind of the graphic whore.

I'm not sure if you know but the graphics button has finally been found on the wiiu. Mario 3d shows what they have learnt, yet their show man ship is lacking right now.

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corrus2798d ago

They are too greedy to do that

gpturbo812798d ago

dont involve microsoft in this

andrewer2798d ago

I think they are trying this with that X title and bringing Bayonetta and stuff. They just need more time to understand that that's the way to go...

TheLastVoiceOFsanity2798d ago

nintendo need's to actively go after talented western studios to become 2nd party developers for the wii u, and not force them to make first party nintendo ip's, but keep the option open if that's something they want to do. there must be a few good western studio's out there that don't have a major publisher backing them. i also wouldn't mind if they went after tomonobu itagaki & valhalla games, and suda51&grasshopper manufacture if lilly bergamo doesn't work out.

ABizzel12798d ago

It's going to take a lot and a lot of commitment, but Nintendo can pull the Wii U out of its rut if they would evolve as a company first, and until that happens it's going to be a struggle all generation, and next.

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MegaSackman2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Rename it to "Super Nintendo Wii".

Qwagy UK2798d ago

link the 3ds and wiiu shop purchases, and take a good look at PSN.

for we are many2798d ago

Continue focusing on quality titles with great value like SM3DW, Pikmin 3, WW HD, and advertise and hype upcoming releases like Bayonetta 2, MK 8, Smash Bros, DKC:TF, SMT X Fire Emblem and Monolith soft's X.

Work hard on revealing or teasing the next Metroid and Zelda and add in a surprise reveal of a long forgotten franchise or two(e.g Star Fox, F-Zero, Wave Race, etc).

Try to underline the advantages that the Gamepad brings in gameplay and ease of use in all the software produced internally to guide and inspire 3rd parties and more importantly the indie devs to include these features in their games.

Work on strengthening the software/hardware connection with the 3DS(adding Miiverse to 3DS is a great 1st step) Miiverse is one of the best innovations this gen, whether you love or hate Nintendo.

Adopt Shinen' Multimedia and support them further as they seem to understand the Nintendo hardware on a level that's been only associated with Nintendo themselves; give them more confidence and maybe hand them a franchise like F-Zero under your supervision.

I feel opposed to the opinion that says Nintendo should make ips to rival CoD or GoW, I think they should do what they do best we have enough shooters and linear games as it is and most of them come and go in short cycles and are generic knockoffs; Nintendo franchises have unique, timeless appeal and value to them and I prefer they keep it that way and innovate in gameplay, control and artistic themes as they do with every new iteration.

In the next Console cycle, I wish that Nintendo continues to innovate and refresh the industry in ways that benefit them and their competition as well, as they always do.

Thepcz2798d ago

''Try to underline the advantages that the Gamepad brings in gameplay ''

the gamepad is a failure and its holding the wiiu back now. in fact, the game pad is like an anchor, preventing the wiiu from going anywhere.

nintendo guessed WRONG that the games market would be going in the tablet direction. they should have kept their tablet dreams for their next handheld. the huge successes of the ps4 and x1 launches have proved people DO still want consoles to be consoles. it also proved that the market is still there, after many used the excuse that the weak wiiu performance was due to a decline in interest in gaming. No, just decline in interest in wiiu.

leahcim2798d ago

I dont see any way of solving the main wiiU problems any time soon, I don´t think M3dworld is enough. Seriously I am expecting only project X to buy the wiiU if the game ends canned is farewell for me until proper next gen "super-wii"

Thepcz2798d ago

yes, im only going to buy a wiiu for X as its going right now. i also fear the game will be shelved or not make it outside japan

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