Why You Should Buy a PS4 Over an Xbox One

The PS4 has several advantages over the Xbox One you should really consider these in your next purchase.

xPhearR3dx3581d ago

Cheaper doesn't mean it's the better choice for everyone. If you want an entertainment machine, get an Xbone. If you want a gaming machine, get a PS4. Simple as that.

Langkasuka3581d ago

I don't live in the US/UK, so I'm not getting the all-in-one entertainment machine Microsoft has promoted. Over here, Xbox One is just another gaming machine, albeit the more expensive one and many features and content are not available.

I'd say it should be all about the exclusives. It's a personal opinion, regardless which has more launch titles or better games. If you like the first-party games on one console, go for it.

theBAWSE3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

@xphear...Netflix is the most used app for movie/TV streaming, on consoles playstation has the most Netflix users, ps4 is more than a gaming machine but does gaming oh so so so well!

i think at this point there are honestly too many things to mention in the advantages of a ps4.

I will say this though I never thought I'd see the day where I can say Sony have the best controller out on any console...ps4 does

RyuCloudStrife3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

for alot of people a cheaper gaming machine is the better option. not everyone can spend $500, $400 is already enough of a pain to SOME people.

NewMonday3581d ago

if you want a a gaming machine, get a PS4, If you want an entertainment machine.. also get a PS4


pompombrum3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

If you want a gaming machine, get a PS4. If you want an entertainment machine, also get a PS4. PS4 does almost all the entertainment features that the Xbox One does and better yet, you're not forced to pay a monthly/yearly subscription fee to access to the entertainment features.

The only thing that sets the Xbox One apart from the PS4 is kinect and the hdmi in.

DARK WITNESS3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

As someone who has both systems personally I feel the ps4 is every bit as much of an entertainment machine as the xbox one.

The only feature, ONLY.. that xb1 has over ps4 is having the hdmi pass through. I know some people are going to throw Kinect at me but functionally the pscam does nearly everything you would want it to do anyway.

I am in the UK and without all the nfl deals and what not, the xbone really is not offering anything extra... unless you like the sound of your own voice.

I know both systems have had problems, but for me it's the xbone that has given me the most issues. I have not had any problems (yet) with the ps4.

As a gamer I have BF4 on both systems and playing them off the same TV BF4 on the ps4 > BF4 on xb1. the differences are VERY noticeable when it's on a big 50" TV. Trust me the youtube videos and screen shots do not do it any justice at all.

it's not that the xb1 version looks bad or anything, but you will instantly notice it looks better on the ps4.

the only other big factor that some may consider when picking a system is which game pad they are comfortable with. that is down to personal choice. I have always been a fan of the xbox pads over ps, but the new ps4 pad is a lot better. the difference between the two pads is not as bad if you are one of those people that use to get cramps in your fingers with the old ps pads like me.

The way I see it, the control pad is the the bit that connects me with the virtual world I am interacting with. I want the pad to feel like an extension of my hands to the point that I don't even think about what I am doing on it. Anything that draws my focus off the game and onto my hands and what I am doing is like a disconnect. It's like if you are writing a letter, but then the pen is so uncomfortable that you have to focus more on your hand and finger movement then on the words and letters you are putting to paper ( if that makes sense ). So picking the right pad for you is important.

thats just my input on it.

on another note, I have always had a full friends list on xbox live, but I have like 5 friends on psn so if anyone is up for some BF4 give me a shout. DARK-WITNESS

MasterCornholio3581d ago

Xbox One is missing a ton of features in Spain.

Hatsune-Miku3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Humans normally prefers the best and most beautiful things in life as long as its attainable but fanboys fight these urges and spout how graphics arent important , resolution isnt important or how powerful the consoles are, isnt important.

people can prefer inferior things logically because it suits a need but people are in the realm of lunacy when they start going on about how something that is inferior is superior especially when its quite evident. Its like arguing with someone who thinks a 2014 civic type r is better than a 2014 nissan gtr. Its best to ignore them. Someone can prefer the lesser car because of petrol mileage but we know which is superior in terms of performance.

Shinox3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

You can't be that desperate to consider entertainment only on Xbone , PS Consoles are all about entertainment and Gaming since the PS2 era and its keeps getting better and better till today on the PS4 , Xbone literally affords nothing to the console industry like for real ! the only thing that this system has to afford is Microtransaction , DRM and Kinect , its just a money making tool for M$ to suck all the loyal M$ fans on it , and its just you who decide which is better if you are smart enough to realize who is "Better" on that .

Chris5583581d ago

xPhear you poor sheep microsoft told you it is all in one machine you believe but the truth is it is the same just much worse than ps4 in everywhere except maybe america where a few more features work .

Drekken3581d ago

What does that even mean Phear? I have been plenty entertained with my PS4. I don't need to spend $500 to watch TV, I already have a DVR. I don't need to spend $500 to watch Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or anything else... I already have a PS3 and PS4. Anything else I need I could always turn on my PC. What exactly would buying a Xbox one get me besides a couple of games the PS4 doesn't have?

If you want a next gen console and you want the most bang for your buck, you buy a PS4. Don't think for one second that any "entertainment" shortfalls the PS4 has won't be resolved soon with some firmware. The Ps3 evolved with every patch, expect the same with the PS4.

CynicalKelly3581d ago

I don't think it's as Black and White as that. I was looking for a Gaming device more so than an Entertainment device and will be using my Xbox One as my primary console after trying both out.

Boody-Bandit3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

" If you want an entertainment machine, get an Xbone. If you want a gaming machine, get a PS4."

Well this is new for "gamers".

That and the PS4 offers a lot of entertainment features as well and Netflix is currently used the most on the PS3. How do we know the same wont hold true for the PS4 when most analyst predict the PS4 will outsell the X1. Possibly by a significant margin. That would mean that a higher percentage of X1 owners per unit sold would have to use it more as an entertainment device over PS4 consumers.

So as of right now we have no idea which unit will be used more as a multimedia device and that brings us back to gaming. So I guess the PS4 it is.

gamertk4213581d ago

@hatsune. That post is just a cringe-worthy grammatical and syntactical mess. Tighten it up, please.

RickHiggity3581d ago

Both consoles support all the most popular video streaming services. You could argue about the TV feature on Xbox one, but I don't have cable. And if I did, there's a button on my TV remote for that.

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SL1M DADDY3581d ago

Price is huge but reputation is bigger. Xbox has to live down an entire generation of crap hardware whereas the PS4 is standing on a reputation of strong and reliable hardware. The choice is clear for me.

Boody-Bandit3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Price, power, exclusives.

Einhert3581d ago

agreed if you dont have a good PC PS4 is a good choice for this awesome game.

forcefullpower3581d ago

I deleted this didnt really get it. What is so good about the game. I may try it again if you got some good tit bits about it

The Meerkat3581d ago

Its hard to say.

Because it takes skill to shoot down another plane there is a great deal of satisfaction out of getting it right. Like how getting a kill in Halo is harder than COD.

Maybe its because i'm getting older but I prefer shooters where all the work is done BEFORE you pull the trigger. i.e. getting into the mind of your target and know what he's going to do and where he's going to go before he does. Then BAM I open up with the 20mm.

thrust3581d ago

Get what you want, do not listen to anyone else only your self!

TheEnigma3133581d ago

More powerful
Free PS+ games
FTP games and video streaming not locked behind pay wall
Strong 1st party support

mcstorm3581d ago

You do know you have to pay for PS+ so you don't get free games.

Also the xbox one and WiiU are 1080p.

But I agree with thrust get the console you want as this is the best console for you it really is that simple.

Here is to a new generation of gaming and I want to see Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all have a good one again as all 3 consoles offer must own IP's and services.

Drekken3581d ago

If you look at the cost of PS+ as a pure equal to the Xbox, you are paying to play online. So you get to play online all year for $49.00. On top of that, you get games. Lots of games. So for $50 you get to play online and you get enough games that the service pays for itself in a month or two tops.

Let’s not kid ourselves about the xbox being 1080p. Forza is 1080p and it has 2D cardboard fans cheering you on.

mcstorm3581d ago

@Drekken Im not looking at the cost I am looking at what was stated. "Free PS+ games" This is not true as you pay £40 a year to rent them because if you don't renew your PS+ you cant keep them.

And im not kidding anyone he stated 1080p well forza 5 is 1080p and so are numerous WiiU games are too. If someone is stating facts they need to get them right 1st before saying its a reason.

Im not saying one console is better than another because this is not true its all down to the user and type of games and services you want from a device.

As I said all 3 have must own IP's and just like the generations before it I will own all the consoles as I want games on all the consoles. I was just making a point that some of his points were wrong or misleading.

Drekken3581d ago

I just feel like with the subscription requirements I have to choose one console. My choice is the PS4 because unlike the Xbox, most games will be native 1080p. That is what chochise was talking about. This article has nothing to do with the WiiU.

mcstorm3581d ago

I did not say it was anything to do with the Wiiu I was just making a point as he was.
I agree with the subscription service it will be harder for people to own more than one console. I disagree about the 1080p bit though. I have said it time and time again to people on here. Since when do specs make the console? If your standing by that then your 1st PS consoles was the PS3 as the PS2 and PSX were all the weaker consoles of the gen.

Specs have never and will never be the reason for me buying a games console. The console I buy and gamers buy are the ones that have the most games they want to play on them not the most powerful. Look at the sales numbers of the past gens and you will see this is proved in the sales numbers.

Sony have got a lot of things right in terms of giving gamers and game developers what they want in a console which they messed up with the PS3 but as it stands none of the games on the PS4 I want as im bored of FPS games so KZ dose not excite me and the 3rd party games on both the One and PS4 don't have me excited as im not a fan of AC and as I said FPS games esp the ones that are out at the moment don't offer me anything I want in games.

The 2 games I wanted the most out of the xbox one and PS4 where Driver Club and Forza 5. Well driver club was put back and it made my decision on which console to get 1st easy and I picked up a Xbox one. That said for me there are more games on the WiiU im interested in at this moment in time than on the PS4 and Xbox one.

As I said im not saying the PS4, Xbox one or Wiiu are bad consoles as none of them are they are all good and offer different things but for me nothing on the PS4 at this moment in time has me excited and that was the reason I did not pickup a PS4 on day one. Once Driver club comes out ill pick one up.

We are all different and its better to have choice than not but to say you pick a consoles because it is more powerful come on power dose not = games or sales its the games that make a console anything else is a bonus. Also we don't know if the next batch of Xbox one games from 1st and 3rd party will or will not be 1080p. People are forgetting they foced MS to back track on the xbox one with the DRM ect and its has had them working day and night changing thing to get it out on the day they said it would be out so this could be part of the reason but that said we should wait until this time next year when developers will of had 18 months or so with the hardware to see what each console can do in 1st and 3rd party.

That said I hope your enjoying your PS4 and which ever games you got for it.