Programming Rainbow Six

The Gazette takes a closer look at Montreal's thriving video-game industry through the sketch-to-screen evolution of Rainbow Six: Vegas. Part 3 of the five-part series focuses on the "code."

Benoit Frappier writes "code" - the computer language that tells a video game what to do and when to do it.

Tucked away in Ubisoft's Montreal headquarters in Mile End, Frappier and his team of 10 programmers scan strands of code for the forthcoming Rainbow Six: Vegas, zapping bugs and making sure that the game will run smoothly for the millions of gamers who will play it online.

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THAMMER14462d ago

Is really awesome. I play the Demo every day like 5 - 6 times. And the physics are top notch. The ammo belts shift to your movements. The bricks and sparks fly like in real life. Ubi soft is on of the best game development comp. on the globe. RB6 will be awesome when fully complete.

rj814461d ago

$80 thousand? For all those hours?

borgome4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

Probably one of the worst demos I've ever played, its already been deleted and I'm not buying the game. I love GRAW, but Ubisoft dropped the ball on this one.

The muzzle flash is disgusting, you loose sight of the enemy when you shoot, thats weak. The thermal vision looks horrible. The constanst repelling down ropes, annoying.

Having to press left trigger to cover, super weak, why can't you just stick like in GRAW.

nope don't like it at all