DriveClub PS4 delay - why it was worth it

As a PlayStation exclusive, the delay of DriveClub on PlayStation 4 launch day was sour for many gamers, especially after the postponement of the much-anticipated Ubisoft title, Watch Dogs.

It was even more of a blow for PlayStation Plus members, who were set to receive a specialized version of the game for free (with an option to upgrade to the full retail version). With the console now out in North America and Europe, and with some PlayStation gamers already hungry for more, Evolution Studios has released some polished-looking teasers of its social racing game.

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majiebeast2150d ago

Everyone who has seen the new trailers and snippets of gameplay, know why the delay is a blessing in disguise, its like night and day.

GarrusVakarian2150d ago

Yep, every time they show this game it looks better than the previous time. Day 1 for me.

Majin-vegeta2150d ago

I agree looks better than when it was revealed.

weirdo2150d ago

my m8 thinks forza looks better than this. i think he's in serious denial ha

WeAreLegion2150d ago Show
GarrusVakarian2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

It's funny when the Xbox fans say "Forza 5 is better because its 60fps" when they completely ignore the fact that the only reason it maintains 60fps is because they gave it a visual downgrade. Driveclub at 30fps with day/night cycles, dynamic lighting, dynamic weather, real handcrafted backgrounds and the incredible attention to detail looks miles better than Forza 5.

theWB272150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

It maintains 60fps because that's been a hallmark of the series.

Driveclub DOES NOT HAVE WEATHER....period. There is NO weather in Driveclub. The game is 30fps, with NO mechanical damage, no upgrade system, limited livery, who knows how many cars on the track at once.

It's funny when people keep comparing this game to Forza when it was delayed in order to get to the state it's at now. Driveclub was pretty much lambasted by most in the visual department compared to a launch title. Handcrafted backgrounds...Forza has always had this. Gran Turismo uses photos for their backgrounds.

I will give you the lighting is SUPERB in Driveclub...but it doesn't have weather, it was delayed because it wasn't up to snuff as a launch title, it's 30fps with no knowledge of how many cars are on the track at once nor in the game, it doesn't calculate real world physics, no mechanical damage, no upgrade system. It's a game that is focused on realistic visuals and driving akin to PGR at 30fps.

S2Killinit2150d ago

because it looks phenomenal now. its a world of difference.

supes_242150d ago

Exactly. Besides, why release a racing game at launch when Need for Speed Rivals was already out? I would've only went with one of them but now I have Rivals and will get DriveClub too. The delay benefits gamers if you ask me and I'm excited to play this when it releases.

L0wbanR2150d ago

Ah man, I just don't enjoy driving games. Don't think I ever would properly unless I was literally in a virtual car with a manual H shift + wheel etc. Shame really, this looks good.

Tigan2149d ago

Alright so its now 1080p/60fps?? Than if so I guess its worth the wait.