Parents Choosing Tablets Over Video Game Consoles This Holiday Season

Here is an interesting article discussing parents purchasing choices and how it can impact gaming consoles. While the console business remains strong for both MS and Sony it appears that the mobile and tablet market is not moving aside for the consoles. Microsoft's play with Smart Glass and intentions to provide a game streaming service to those same devices may play out well for them. It will be interesting to see if Sony leverages Gaikai to stream beyond its own hardware once it is launched late next year.

parentoftheyear3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Ya obviously Children ages 2-10. We have a 2 year old daughter and getting her a Nabi JR. Obviously not a ps4 or xb1, this is silly. Resurvey with parents that have children ages 11-19 lol.

Vojkan3878d ago

6-10 could still be playing consoles( I did). Besides what sort of degenerate gives a tablet or mobile phone to a 2-5 year old?

parentoftheyear3878d ago

LoL, obviously you don't understand that they make tablets for Children you degenerate. Apple iPad isn't the only tablet that exist. Do Some research before shouting out rude comments. Your comment is my exact reason why children that age should not have game consoles, because it destroys all possibilities of having intellectual thought.

Vojkan3878d ago

Yes table or mobile phone is gonna give then intellectual boost. Staring like a zombies at a small screen when ridding a bus or a car is exaclty what children need. If you want to turn them into emotionally deprived freaks.

Console is for games, I don't like social stuff when it comes to children they should stay away from that. Just play games on a big screen where parents can monitor what is going on, then when they are done, they can turn it off and have relationship with people around them, not stare at the small screen. Instead look at people in their eyes.
Same goes when they are on a ride in a bus or a car. Children should observe the world around them, not stare at screen like degenerates.

Sadly you are too stupid to get it. Tablets and mobile phones are NOT for children.

RickHiggity3878d ago

I work for a phone case company, and quite a few parents do. I've gotten quite a few calls from parents telling me about how the case saved the tablet from their 2 year old. I wonder if the two year old is even USING the tablet, or just throwing it around.

thehitman3878d ago

@parent, vojkan

Both of you guys make some points, but in the end there is nothing wrong with a kid having either a tablet or a gaming console. It is what you have your child doing on the device that is the most important thing of all not whether they have it in the first place. I worked for a Charter School in NY and they have children from grades K-6th grade using iPads. They get to learn in new ways I have not learned when I was a child. Having fun educational games and age appropriate games on the devices is key to monitoring your child. I played Super Nintendo when I was like 6 and gamed on console ever since then. Keeping games like GTA, CoD out of their reach is what parents should be doing not keeping technology out altogether. Also balancing their lives with other things is key too. People use to play gameboy on buses and cars so they are no different from tablets @ vojkan.

Pozzle3878d ago

A lot of preschools and kindergartens use tablets nowadays to introduce children to technology at a young age. There are a lot of learning apps that are specifically aimed at young children or those with learning disabilities too.

It's not uncommon for very young children to own a child-friendly tablet or smartphone nowadays. Though obviously parents are buying them for reasons other than gaming, which is why surveys like this one are silly.

aCasualGamer3878d ago

There are over 140 million PS3s and 360s out there, chances are parents have already got the consoles at home.

The new ones are difficult to find so i doubt any parent could just walk into a store and buy a PS4 and an Xbox One.

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parentoftheyear3878d ago

Well the childrens tablets have monitoring(parenting) mode, that will turn them off after x amount of time, try being a parent, before spouting off about how to parent. Your being silly, I have seen you comments and you like to attack people for no reason, get a life, since I have common knowledge and a college degree I would like to think I am smart, So that would be an assumption you made, all parents like to parent differently, I would agree letting children have mobile phones is a big no no, A child based tablet is not bad, because they are made FOR children and specific ones for Different ages. Thanks though.

RiPPn3877d ago

I also bought my 2 year old son a Nabi JR. Reason being is I want the education games for him. If he were older I would not subject him to tablet gaming on purpose. lol

3-4-53877d ago

Won't be the first mistake parents make.

* 6 months from now when their little billy is bored with his tablet and wished he had some real games to play they will regret spending $200-400 on something he will never use.

They will then have to buy him a XB1 or PS4 or 3DS or Vita the following Christmas and spend another $150-500+

Sly-Lupin3877d ago

A lot of gamers consider Final Fantasy 6 to be one of then finest RPGs ever made.

You can play FF6 on a tablet. Or a Vita. Or a PS3. Or a WiiU.

But not on a PS4 or Xbox3.

If I were going to buy a kid a gaming device, it sure as hell wouldn't be one of the new consoles. Hell, they don't even have any good games for adults yet, never mind children.

The tablet is the smartest choice. Or anything Nintendo for the Mario and Zelda.

ozstar3877d ago

"Resurvey" isn't a word. Glad you're not my parent.

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DealWithIt3878d ago

That could be because PS4 and XB1 (the most talked, most advertised consoles today) are nowhere to be found on or off the shelf. I bet if in a hypothetical scenario where there were virtually infinite numbers of XB1 and PS4s available in store, you'd see much higher PS4 and XB1 sales figures (not as high as tablets though, because tablet is not bought with primary intention of gaming. This is apples to oranges comparison).

N4g_null3878d ago

Skylanders price says hi.... no real pokemon game with toys that are cheap.

Iltapalanyymi3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

top lel. tablets suck in vidya gaeming.

The_KELRaTH3878d ago

Amazon do advertise their Kindle HDX with "CONSOLE" quality graphics :)

_QQ_3878d ago

and "trash" quality gameplay.

KonsoruMasuta3878d ago

You would be surprised how many Gameloft games have that same advertisement.

Summons753878d ago

that's advertising though. When I went and upgraded my phone they were showing me a brand new phone saying it rivaled home consoles in everything gaming.....I laughed and found a competent salesperson who wasn't throwing lies around to grab a commision

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3878d ago

so? Gamers choose ps4 over tablets so..

The_KELRaTH3878d ago

For all those still using an Atari 2600 - it's time to go portable!!!

warczar3878d ago

Yeah, cause a small, easily breakable, wanna be computer that's light on everything from RAM to processing power is such an innovation that everyone should get one. /s

Tablets aren't for everyone bud.

WeAreLegion3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

@warczar - Pretty sure he was kidding. Lol.