This Crazy Madden NFL 25 Glitch Makes No Sense

GoodGameBro writes, "We fired up Madden NFL 25 this morning and this crazy glitch happened to us while playing with the Carolina Panthers against the New Orleans Saints. Cam Newton rolls out to the left and the rest is history. Click "watch video" to see a GIF of this glitch."

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Excalibur3879d ago

Are Glitches supposed to make sense?

guitarded773879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Not that I know of...

But we're going to be seeing way more of them since the new consoles have the ability to share video or gameplay easily. Already had some crappy glitches in Need for Speed Rivals... and one funny one.

Not necessarily a glitch, but I performed liftoff in NfS... I set the vid to "public", let me know if you can't see it.


Neonridr3878d ago

lol, hilarious take off there.

Personally I find glitches to be quite entertaining. I am always on the lookout to break games or do things/go places you should be able to.


The character was probably supposed to be parallel to ground face down on it, and the geometry, collision boxes got hung up, pretty hilarious looking though.

curtis923879d ago

I hope that was actually mo-capped and they left it in to troll.

ML_Paladin8883879d ago

next game he runs in a td, he needs to do that as his celebration. the madden gods demand it

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GamerRN29d ago

Is there anything they can really do to fix this franchise?

just_looken29d ago

Though i agree the truth is that it always sells well and then millions are made in ultimate team.

GamerRN29d ago

Because there is no competition

just_looken29d ago


There was a CFL game to be tossed out crashed and burned but there is other football games just none are official nfl stuff.

CobraKai29d ago

NFL Gameday and NFL 2K really pushed Madden to be better

badboyz0929d ago (Edited 29d ago )

NFL gamers need to boycott which is very easy with the social media age we live in until than no. EA has a monopoly you want a better product to end the monopoly. get on twitter trending daily to the NFL.


Man I quit playing madden back in 2004 that was my boycott because I just got tired of the same thing, updated rosters. My boys still play Madden I'll pick up the sticks every now and then when I'm chilling at their houses but at my house, EA gets none of my money for Madden.


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