McDonald’s Promo Giving Away 70M Twisted Pixel Games

McDonald’s is gearing up to begin its new One Hot Holiday promotion on December 3 that features Xbox One bundles as its grand prize. That’s not so crazy; it seems like every corporation is running some sort of contest to win next-gen consoles. However, McDonald’s also happens to be giving away a whole lot of copies of Twisted Pixel titles.

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ScubaSteve11782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

i won a free copy of the maw

infectedaztec1782d ago

Ragin, this is America only! Anyone with a code they don't need think of us,poor forgotten Irish!
i was literally ready to hop on the car to McDonalds to enter.

this is also an excellent idea,for,increasing indie games on the platform....expect this great trend to continue