PS3 wows gamer fans in US, underlines fork with Wii

A recent showing of PlayStation 3 at 2007 Sony Expo in Honolulu over the weekend confirmed what many in gaming world expected - Sony won't be able to make the PS3 fast enough to meet initial demand from gamers. However, with the impending release of Nintendo Wii, it has become evident that a fork has developed in the philosophy of home entertainment and games consoles.

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power of Green 5373d ago

Don't bash me but I see the Wii not doing so hot after the new console hype dust settles(might do better than GameCube). Better graphics than what console?.

ChickeyCantor5373d ago

no you just bashed a console and you have started a flamewarrrrr!!!!!

3!2!1! GOOOOOO

power of Green 5373d ago

How do you draw the line between bashing and a honest opinions that happens to sound harsh. Theres no lieing or twisting of the truth It's a opinion. Should i sugar coat it and say Wii will come in dead last.

marionz5373d ago

i think its fair to say the wii will come last, i dont think its fair to say the ps3 will come out on top tho, its gonna be close between the ps3 and xbox, i dont think the ps3 graphics are going to be any better then 360, sony seems to shy away from giving the full specs of the ps3 so i would say that they have no proof its better, the console wars are definatly heating up and its going to come down to games pure and simple, who will win? who knows, its still going to be a long time till ps3 is in most peoples homes, and remember some people (like me) wont even see the ps3 in their country till march 2007

power of Green 5373d ago

We'll see if MS can build a big enough fanbase this generation to sell 360's while the Xbox3 is out. Sony has differnt plans with PS3's life cycle that was my biggest point. I just don't know if MS is the kind of company that will hold on to old tech like Sony does, two differnt kind of game plans( moneys the biggest issue). Games, Price, inovation, and what company can make them the fastest will factor in the winner not so much brand loyalty this time around.

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Weapon X5373d ago

Of course he means the CellStation3 has better graphics than the 360, but all the "experts" keep sayin' they're the same. Who knows? Kinda smells fishy to me, bub, but more and more people keep resonating with the station's "graphics" - has anyone else been catching that lately??? I don't think many are going to be ready for what the PS3 is capable of. But this race will be awesome, unfortunately with Nintendo coming in DEAD last and the PS3 edging out the 360 by a nose or two. I know this place is about to get hotter than Backdraft, but just wanted to say my piece before the rest of the hater world shows up. I guess we'll all see come 4th quarter '08.

power of Green 5373d ago

I agree On the race results but not in 2008 maybe in the end of 2009 than the PS3 will rule it's generation for years after that.

UrbanJabroni5373d ago

I am consistently convinced that the fanboys on this site, the ones that are the douchebags screwing it up for the rest of us, are all under 18.

I agree [ed: punctiation?] On the race results [ed: what does this mean?] but not in 2008 [ed: ", although"] maybe in [ed: "by"]the end of 2009 than {ed: then] the PS3 will rule it's [ed: "its"] generation for years after that.[ed: wtf are you talking about]

I really like the substantive facts you put into your reasoning as to the edge the PS3 has. Very convincing.

At this point I'm pretty much rooting for Nintendo because Wii fans seem to have the fewest mentally challenged persons overall.

power of Green 5373d ago (Edited 5373d ago )

but you sound very much like the kid you're accusing other people of being. This IS what people do on game sites they talk and give opinions. Grow up man you sound like a teen when you express yourself. That opinion was based on if everything goes Sony's way. But what i'v been saying before i tried to be fair minded is that Sony will never pull ahead due to less exclusives games as the 360, Price, PS3 wont be as powerful as Sony makes it out to be(YET TO SHOW SPECS FOR SOME REASON) and Sony's slow production rate. If Sony can change this then my open minded thoery could come true.

andy capps5373d ago

2.2- You haven't been on Joystiq or Kotaku's sites in the past year or so have you? Wii fans are very obnoxious in my eyes, at least the ones on those sites.

2.0 and 2.1- Agree with both of you, the question to be debated is when PS3 will pull ahead and by how much. Will they come out and "Dreamcast" the 360, or will MS hang tough until 2008 or 2009 when PS3 edges it out, only in time for MS to launch their next system? I think MS will probably lead for a good part of next year, and will see the lead start to lessen dramatically by Christmas of 2007, and then be back in second place (maybe not by quite as much) by Summer-Winter 2007. I think the Wii will have a short honeymoon that will ultimately prove to be a novelty when compared to the 360 and the PS3. I could be tremendously wrong, Nintendo proved that it knew what it was doing with the DS.

lalaland5372d ago (Edited 5372d ago )

The argumentation on this site is consistently flawed and often with out basis in real life facts:

"Sony will never pull ahead due to less exclusives games as the 360, Price"

It is a fact that Sony have more firstparty studios and more firstparty games in development for their console than MS. It is also a fact that X360 has been on market for almost a year, and a lot of thirdparty developers for obvious reasons plan around that. Yet another fact is that several titles that were exclusive on the X360 are either now coming out on the PS3 (Oblivion) or have their sequel or next project released exclusively on the PS3 (FA2, RR7, UT2007). Finally it is a fact, that you don't know what plans the publishers have for either console, besides the so far publicly released information, and you (or me for that matter) with that in mind have no clue what their plans are for exclusive content on either console in the coming years.

"PS3 wont be as powerful as Sony makes it out to be(YET TO SHOW SPECS FOR SOME REASON)"

It is a fact, that you (along with the rest of mass public) obviously are illequipped to make a fair "guesstimate" of how powerful a system is based on specs alone, as the power of the consoles are hidden in a lot more complicated techstuff than i.e. how many shaders they can process -- there are just too many variables and too much subjectivity to what makes one the better. It is also a fact that the launch lineup of the PS3, no matter what the reasons might be, is looking subjectively better than the X360 launch lineup (with the exception of GoW, it actually looks better than what is available on the X360 today even). Finally it is a fact, that Sony has in no way commited themselves to release any specs, and they haven't got a history of releasing specs on every single aspect of their consoles or other hardware in the past -- why should they start now, when they will do just fine not releasing full specs.

More often than not, agreeable opinions on this site are just stating the obvious. For instance:

"I think MS will probably lead for a good part of next year, and will see the lead start to lessen dramatically by Christmas of 2007"

Ofcourse MS will lead for the better part of next year... MS has already sold 6mill X360's; a goal Sony has publicly comitted themselves to reach by the end of march next year. MS reached 6mill X360's in just about 11 months -- Sony will try and reach it in half the time. Make a graph and you'll be able to predict just about when the PS3 will overtake the X360 in installed consoles if Sony's sales prediction comes true (which they usually do).

Overall it would be nice to see some good and wellfounded argumentation on this site, and not just cheap slander formulated to make either part look bad.

I know I'm being a bit harsh -- just annoyed that most of the time spent argueing on these pages, are actually spent refuting obviously wrong statements (i.e. "802.11a is better than 802.11g" which it is not, or "X360 is $200 cheaper to the average gamer than PS3" which it is not) or trying to show the world is more grey to onesided argumentation (i.e. "XBL is infinitely better than Sony online" which is an impossibility, as Sony online actually has features XBL doesn't have).

Well... nobody probably even reads this...

Oh... somebody actually did read it...

-> 2.6 former questionmark

I never said some of the PS3 lineup won't be available on the X360. But it does have its fair share of exclusives (R:FoM, Genji, Untold Legends, NBA'07, RR7, FA2) and some of the crossplatform games do actually have improved gamemodes or graphics compared to their X360 counterparts (Oblivion, MUA, Blazing Angels, FNR3, RR7, FA2).

I don't quite follow where you are going with your question?

If it is the comparison between the launch lineups, then I would have to argue that most of the games weren't actually out at launch on the X360, and those that were, have been improved upon considerably.

Grown Folks Talk5372d ago

you do realize that the majority of the launch lineup will be coming out for or is already out for the 360 right now don't you?

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ChickeyCantor5373d ago

a honest opinio can also bash a console, but dude i was just saying that if the nintendo dude read that, they will bash u.

S A G A T5373d ago

Too bad Nintendo really won't be a factor this go-around. Oh well, they'll have a more powerful system come 2010.

Silver Bull3t5373d ago (Edited 5373d ago )

The 360 and PS3 will MOSTLY have identical software (ports, ports, ports) save the few exclusives that utilize each platforms hardware to their full potential. The Wii is meanwhile doing its own thing, which is fine by me.

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