Microsoft’s Xbox One wins early sales battle on Black Friday

Microsoft’s Xbox One was the most popular video game console on Black Friday, according to a survey of early shoppers by shopping market research firm InfoScout.

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Enemy3824d ago

If true, then that's because the PS4 sold out a long time ago. There were still Xbones in stores available for purchase.

Abash3824d ago

Yup, I dont think Sony could readily supply US retailers with PS4s on black friday considering they launched the PS4 in Europe the very same day

UltimateMaster3824d ago

A shit ton of people would have bought a PS4, if they could.
It's all sold out and Sony is releasing PS4 in Europe.

Told them to start shipping out the first batch of PS4 in August, not this late, buy they didn't listen. Oh well.

xHeavYx3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

This is only a 3000 survey Target and Wal-Mart.
The 2 biggest video game stores in America /s

GutZ313824d ago

In North Carolina at least, Target had 0 PS4's this Black Friday.

I can't say about the rest of the US, but I know Walmart had a bit of stock, but quickly ran out. Gamestop seemed to be the only ones that overstocked a bit on both systems, as even at 3AM, people were bringing in PS4's and XboxOnes.

Sharky2313824d ago

I was at my local gamestop at mid night on Black Friday. The total before I left was 15 PS4 to 0 Xbox one. They did sell one 360 though! I feel this survey could be full of sh*t!

ovnipc3824d ago

Why hate so much on xbox. Both consoles are great and selling well. We need both competition its good we as gamers benefit from ms and sony to compete and make better games and better experience.

Prime1573824d ago

The store I work at had 27 ps4s and 29 xbones. By 3am we sold all ps4 and only 8 xbones. By 8pm, we still had about 7 or 8 left from what I was told (I worked midnight to 8am.

HammadTheBeast3824d ago


So you honestly believe that the X360 and PS3 would've sold more if PS4,s had actually been available?

mikeslemonade3824d ago

SMH at the disagrees. I don't care about disagrees for personal vendettas but I just think those people are dumb because they actually believe in this spin. Yea the X1 sold more but like everyone else said the PS4 was out of supply. There were no PS4s avalible at Best Buy all day, but part of the midnight mystery was the X1 was in stock.

maddskull3823d ago

i think that this survey is just lies even if you look at the numbers the xboxes are the same and the playstations are the same and the xbox one won by 1%

gaffyh3823d ago

Sample size is too small, it is based on a survey of 3000 people at random. At least NPD is based on actual sales in a few stores and then extrapolated from there.

Gekko363823d ago

I don't think anyone other than internet gremlins like us really care about this.

I've got my X1 so really don't care who buys what this "Winter Solstice".

alexkoepp3823d ago

Sony fanboys are funny, "It's just because they had Xbox One in stock"

And had Black Friday gone to PS4, "Well everyone knew the PS4 would sell more, duh!"

loulou3823d ago

If that makes you feel better enemy, then its all good suppose

gta28003823d ago

I called every single gamestop in my area at 7am asking about the ps4 and they all would say they sold out but when i asked about the xbox one they all said they had them in stock. Even went to the mall at 12pm and they still had a lot. I am not exaggerating either. I was actually surprised there were so many xboxs out there.

mikeslemonade3823d ago


Nothing wrong with that logic. Both statments would be true on each circumstance.

x713hitsquad3823d ago

@gta2800. So were u interested in getting an xbox, or did u have nothing better to do than than to call a bunch of places to check out their stock? I figured if u wanted an xbox u would have gotten it at the first place u called. If not u are a very dedicated Sony fanboy.

CryofSilence3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )


Curiosity is a powerful force that should be pursued. Whether he intended to buy one of either console is irrelevant. However, mocking one's curiosity is what should be shunned. Don't make assumptions about another's lifestyle based on what limited information is provided on an anonymous internet forum board.

gta28003823d ago


U mad? Lol

I was actually looking for a PS4 but would ask them what about xbox since I was already talking to them. I was just curious lol

VforVideogames3823d ago

well said , you get a bubble.

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Sarcasm3824d ago

Yup, trying to find a PS4 is hard enough already after launch. Trying to find one on Black Friday just wasn't going to happen.

Rainstorm813823d ago

LMAO i have a friend who refused to preorder a PS4 back in July with me, he thought he could walk in day 1 and buy 1...LLS...when that failed he said oh ill just get one on Black Friday......Now he is looking like an idiot still searching while everyone else we know have their PS4s

Some people never listen

Ashunderfire863824d ago

Thanks for stating the obvious so articles like this can take a backseat.

Kryptix3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

The PS4 sold out on launch day, meaning that there were no additional PS4s to add to the Black Market stock. On the other hand, the left over Xbox Ones added to the Black Market stock and since there were no PS4s left after quickly running out...gamers only had the choice of buying the Xbox One. Just explaining it.