Microsoft’s Xbox One wins early sales battle on Black Friday

Microsoft’s Xbox One was the most popular video game console on Black Friday, according to a survey of early shoppers by shopping market research firm InfoScout.

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Enemy3404d ago

If true, then that's because the PS4 sold out a long time ago. There were still Xbones in stores available for purchase.

Abash3404d ago

Yup, I dont think Sony could readily supply US retailers with PS4s on black friday considering they launched the PS4 in Europe the very same day

UltimateMaster3404d ago

A shit ton of people would have bought a PS4, if they could.
It's all sold out and Sony is releasing PS4 in Europe.

Told them to start shipping out the first batch of PS4 in August, not this late, buy they didn't listen. Oh well.

xHeavYx3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

This is only a 3000 survey Target and Wal-Mart.
The 2 biggest video game stores in America /s

GutZ313404d ago

In North Carolina at least, Target had 0 PS4's this Black Friday.

I can't say about the rest of the US, but I know Walmart had a bit of stock, but quickly ran out. Gamestop seemed to be the only ones that overstocked a bit on both systems, as even at 3AM, people were bringing in PS4's and XboxOnes.

Sharky2313404d ago

I was at my local gamestop at mid night on Black Friday. The total before I left was 15 PS4 to 0 Xbox one. They did sell one 360 though! I feel this survey could be full of sh*t!

ovnipc3404d ago

Why hate so much on xbox. Both consoles are great and selling well. We need both competition its good we as gamers benefit from ms and sony to compete and make better games and better experience.

Prime1573404d ago

The store I work at had 27 ps4s and 29 xbones. By 3am we sold all ps4 and only 8 xbones. By 8pm, we still had about 7 or 8 left from what I was told (I worked midnight to 8am.

HammadTheBeast3404d ago


So you honestly believe that the X360 and PS3 would've sold more if PS4,s had actually been available?

mikeslemonade3404d ago

SMH at the disagrees. I don't care about disagrees for personal vendettas but I just think those people are dumb because they actually believe in this spin. Yea the X1 sold more but like everyone else said the PS4 was out of supply. There were no PS4s avalible at Best Buy all day, but part of the midnight mystery was the X1 was in stock.

maddskull3404d ago

i think that this survey is just lies even if you look at the numbers the xboxes are the same and the playstations are the same and the xbox one won by 1%

gaffyh3404d ago

Sample size is too small, it is based on a survey of 3000 people at random. At least NPD is based on actual sales in a few stores and then extrapolated from there.

Gekko363404d ago

I don't think anyone other than internet gremlins like us really care about this.

I've got my X1 so really don't care who buys what this "Winter Solstice".

alexkoepp3403d ago

Sony fanboys are funny, "It's just because they had Xbox One in stock"

And had Black Friday gone to PS4, "Well everyone knew the PS4 would sell more, duh!"

loulou3403d ago

If that makes you feel better enemy, then its all good suppose

gta28003403d ago

I called every single gamestop in my area at 7am asking about the ps4 and they all would say they sold out but when i asked about the xbox one they all said they had them in stock. Even went to the mall at 12pm and they still had a lot. I am not exaggerating either. I was actually surprised there were so many xboxs out there.

mikeslemonade3403d ago


Nothing wrong with that logic. Both statments would be true on each circumstance.

x713hitsquad3403d ago

@gta2800. So were u interested in getting an xbox, or did u have nothing better to do than than to call a bunch of places to check out their stock? I figured if u wanted an xbox u would have gotten it at the first place u called. If not u are a very dedicated Sony fanboy.

CryofSilence3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )


Curiosity is a powerful force that should be pursued. Whether he intended to buy one of either console is irrelevant. However, mocking one's curiosity is what should be shunned. Don't make assumptions about another's lifestyle based on what limited information is provided on an anonymous internet forum board.

gta28003403d ago


U mad? Lol

I was actually looking for a PS4 but would ask them what about xbox since I was already talking to them. I was just curious lol

VforVideogames3403d ago

well said , you get a bubble.

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Sarcasm3404d ago

Yup, trying to find a PS4 is hard enough already after launch. Trying to find one on Black Friday just wasn't going to happen.

Rainstorm813404d ago

LMAO i have a friend who refused to preorder a PS4 back in July with me, he thought he could walk in day 1 and buy 1...LLS...when that failed he said oh ill just get one on Black Friday......Now he is looking like an idiot still searching while everyone else we know have their PS4s

Some people never listen

Ashunderfire863404d ago

Thanks for stating the obvious so articles like this can take a backseat.

Kryptix3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

The PS4 sold out on launch day, meaning that there were no additional PS4s to add to the Black Market stock. On the other hand, the left over Xbox Ones added to the Black Market stock and since there were no PS4s left after quickly running out...gamers only had the choice of buying the Xbox One. Just explaining it.

Rainstorm813404d ago


Walmarts in my area said they had around 20 PS4 for Black Friday.....that aint shyt

Pogmathoin3404d ago

Its funny how everyone here suddenly work at brick stores, and say have lots of X1's in stock, yet check online, and none available. Yet when new Ipad or Iphone is released, the online sites are suddenly correct, but never in the case of X1, its a convienient lie....

AngelicIceDiamond3404d ago

@Enemy Yeah, and that's a good thing. More consoles for everyone.

Automatic793404d ago

The pendulum continues to swing in Xbox one favor. Its the system and games. Its also known that MS has ramped up production on Xbox one for holidays. Not what fanboys are spreading re system not selling.

imt5583404d ago

Sony prepared PS4 consoles for EU, AU and SA launch. That's the reason for small number of PS4 on Black Friday.

Chevalier3404d ago

No stores had PS4, the only reason Bestbuys had them was because some customers ordered and they didn't pick up and were put up for sale. They got small shipment of Xbox One.

Bzone243403d ago

The Walmart I went to on Black Friday had PS4s. They held them back the same way they held back the Xbox Ones. Both were sold out within minutes. Don't know how many of each console were available though.

T-Dawg63404d ago

Ever think Microsoft just dealt with supply better?

Ju3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

MS had left over supply from launch. Sold about 300k less there which might have swapped over to Black Friday, plus MS must have had re-supplies. I rather think all PS4's are fresh shipments in contrast. To say it dealt supply better isn't really the case. Demand plays in favor of MS. And yet, it would be interesting to see what the actual numbers are. If it's e.g. <500K, Sony still wins (sold 50% what XO sold). But if more this goes towards MS. I doubt MS could re-supply faster than Sony. Especially because Sony was probably allocating another 1M to Europe (launch day).

AnthonyJrWTF3403d ago

I think everyone on N4G is blinded by real logic.

This is most likely the truth here, Microsoft has been stating for a long time that they're pumping out the supply.

avengers19783404d ago

No one has any real numbers from Black Friday yet.
I was at GameStop for there midnight opening, they had gotten shipments of both PS4 and XB1 first come first serve, they had 22 PS4 and 9 XB1 consoles. The first console bought was an XB1, but after that PS4 was going quick and sold out with 4 XB1s left. By the time I left there was 1 XB1 left and, the person behind me was there to get it. Every phone call the manager answered during that time was to ask if they had PS4s about 9 calls in all. So judging by just that one location in NW OHIO is say the PS4 won Black Friday... Is this an indication of how it's going every where, I don't know, but it makes articles like this pointless, everyone's out there doing there own survey. Until some real numbers come in speculation is simply that.

Chevalier3403d ago

I work at a EB games (1 of top 3 sales in Canada during black friday) and worked all weekend as well and we turned away so many people and fielded so many phone calls about PS4 it wasn't funny. We still have preorders we're waiting on Sony to fill too. Our Xbox Ones had really low numbers and MS hasn't even filled our remaining orders yet and it's a small amount too. If my store had a couple hundred PS4 we would have sold them all. I even went to Best Buy across the street to buy stuff after a shift and talk to a friend and he told me they reopened PS4 orders and already had over a hundred people order. Would explain why I had people kept asking me to preorder PS4 and me explaining "pre"-order means no we don't take orders AFTER an item is released.

Gamer6663404d ago

Agreed. This is a simple supply and demand issue at this time. Both systems are in demand, it just so happens that MS has more systems to sell.

Flames763404d ago

The walmarts in my area all had the PS4.Bottom line more people want the X1 it has better games and its the better sysytem.The excuse you gave makes no sence at all.Of course ther X1 was in the store to purchase it was black friday and mirosoft made sure the stores had them to sell.

FrigidDARKNESS3404d ago

Go walk into a Walmart or Targets Superstore and you will see plenty of ps4s available.

SoulSercher6203403d ago

Walked into both, there were none.

Khajiit863404d ago

Is not true in my area. All stores sold out almost immediately out of ps4s and still had x1s. I still have not got my ps4. Im hoping tuesday at wal mart. That is what the manager told me

TheFutureIsBlue3404d ago

I don't believe this article. I saw more people walk out with ps4s than xbones at my gamestop. The general public think the same so it goes the same with the whole world = Everyone want's dat ps4

Skattman3404d ago

None in the Baltimore area (Xbones).

JackISbacK3404d ago

just go away and play games games on your ps4 ,just stop talking shit,i have noticed 1000 times bullieng xb1 on its articles and just dont give stupid reasons ,both were sold out before and what sold was all new stock ,we know ps4 is great but it does not means it will sold most or will crush xb1 ,buddy competition is high ,don't underestimate them master chief's on his way,times been stoped in quantum break,legends have been written in fables and many titans have falled. oh nathan is also prepaering for his another jump you and me will not be dissapointed from sony,but please stop fanboyism and enjoy games.

3-4-53403d ago

This is According to a Survey....

So they ask 100 people and assume that means that is how it is for 2 million people.

Survey needs to be of at least a million people to be even close to accurate.

Survey's are always only like a few hundred people, as if that represents anybody in full...

Such ignorance

Death3403d ago

They asked 3000 people that bought consoles on Black Friday from Target and Walmart. Of these 3000 people, 61% left with an Xbox One or Xbox 360.

xprs223403d ago

Funny how people find so many excused for Sony. Wish they'd use those same rationales for Microsoft. They say, "Xbox ain't sellin..." bullshit called. Both consoles have selling well and having trouble staying on store shelves, yet nerds find imaginative ways to express Xbox's failure.

nosferatuzodd3403d ago

yeah because theres no ps4 anywhere ofcourse grasping a straw much ms

Death3403d ago

Yet 15% of the people surveyed were able to get a PS4. Funny how that worked when you just said there were no PS4's to be had.

BallsEye3403d ago

Or maybe...MAYBE...some people actually preffer xbox one over ps4? Enemy, you've earned a title of sony nazi on this site.

3403d ago
Megaton3403d ago Show
Retroman3403d ago

lol, well i'll be damn. if this was even remotely true
INFOSCOUT must be in MS payroll to announce this hog-wash. article next to this one say SONY won BLACK FRIDAY
sheesh what editors would do for love of money. never realize lying can be soooooooo expensive.

chuckyj13403d ago

This wasn't based on what's available... It was based on what shoppers wanted...

Fanboys need to chill this was a survey... Who cares... If this get's you pissed off...

You really need to re-evaluate your life.

NewZealander3403d ago

so you are saying all the people that bought X1 only did so because of a ps4 shortage lol, both consoles are insanely popular and some people just might buy X1 because thats their first choice, shocking i know!

Flames763403d ago

Have plenty of PS4 at the walmart stores here but no Xbox One.Seems like that crazy theory just went out the window

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Jughead34163404d ago

Has anyone heard any sales figures for the European launch? Wonder if they hit a million sales there too.

Sarcasm3404d ago

They shipped 300,000 units to the UK alone, it's entire plausible that they might have sold all of them. We won't know until some sort of press release comes out.

Utalkin2me3404d ago

Man this stuff is amazing, kind of reminds me of Halloween 3. The mask with the chips inside to control people.....*cough*....*cough*. ...above me.

AngelicIceDiamond3404d ago

@Master A simple statement like "gratz microsoft.." and get that many disagrees is evidence of overall animosity and bias towards Xbox on this site and it gets worse and worse everyday. And that's fact because nobody can say otherwise.

What also is fact is this site isn't for everyone community wise. Since I'll get disagrees for stating something that's PAINFULLY obvious can anyone prove me wrong?

Utalkin2me3404d ago

I mean guy seriously. Some people have common sense and some don't. I know it seems rude to say that, just being honest. I can link probably 50 articles of Ms doing things the shouldn't in the gaming community. I mean if you have been following the last 6 months anybody with common sense would understand.

jessupj3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Yes, but there's a perfectly logical and rational reason why a statement like "gratz microsoft" gets lots of disagrees.

Some people have convieniently forgotten about the anti consumer DRM (among HEAPS of other things) that MS tried to enforce on gamer, but it's apparants a lot of people haven't and rightly so.

In the history of this amazing industry said DRM was arguably the single worst atrocity a publisher has committed by far. If MS was successful they would have destroyed console gaming as when know it.

So when someone says grats to a company like MS that did what they did, naturally a lot of level headed gamers are going to disagree with that.

I love gaming with a fiery passion and I will not forgive and I will not forget. Maybe if 10 years go by and MS has continued to put the gamers first to make profit... maybe then I might consider trusting them again with my gaming needs. But considering they keep talking about their DRM and the future I won't be holding my breath.

Hicken3404d ago

You act like this is something new. It's simply that the company benefiting has changed: it used to be Microsoft, and now it's Sony.

Were you around for the overall animosity and bias against Sony on this site that got worse and worse every day? This site wasn't for everyone community wise back then, either.

I'm tired of hearing, "Oh, leave Microsoft alone. Why all the hate?" particularly from people who weren't saying the same while Sony was suffering under the same conditions. But tell me: were you absent from the planet this year? Did you miss how royally they sought to screw gamers? How, rather than clearly explain themselves, they insulted gamers(you folks aren't ready for the future, so we have to show it to you; if you don't have internet, get a 360)?

At every step, they gave core gamers reasons to hate them; should we now forget all that happened and just jump right in bed with them?

Even I, who hate Microsoft, was willing to give them a new chance with the new gen. I knew for a fact there was no way the DRM rumors could be true. Just gimme some core support and a gaming-focused console, and I'm all in.

So much for wanting my money, eh, Microsoft?

And I'm far from the only one. Which is why you see such disdain for them right now. If you're gonna whine, lament that Microsoft put themselves in such a situation.

Cuz that's the real fact: they did it to themselves.

ToyboxDX3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

@ AngelicIceDiamond
The point is, there's nothing to congratulate. The reason XBone is selling more is because there are more leftover stocks from the initial launch.

And the reason PS4 sell lesser is because it is practically sold out.

From there I'm sure you can do the maths, right?

As of now there is close to 1.2 million PS4 sold in US and about 790K XBone sold in US, so you tell me which has the larger sold amount?

Death3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )


First off, the only "core" gamers Microsoft pissed off were Sony gamers like yourself. As such, I don't think they wanted your money anyway. I would hope Microsoft was developing the Xbox One for Xbox fans more than they were for Playstation fans.

As for the super scary DRM monster that keeps you up at night, it was there to make it so we could rip games to the HDD and not need disc verification to play. They scrapped that feature for me so you could sleep at night, so just say thank you and get past it.

JessiePinkmanYo3403d ago

AngelicIceDiamond-Well said, and honestly Im pretty much done here. In an earlier statement I made about my connection on BF4 playing on my X1, I get a wild pack of retards who just disagree because I said it happened on the PS4 too. I have all three consoles, but Im done with the fanboy shit on this site. Its rampant, more here than most others. If you don't own stock in Sony, MS or Nintendo, WTF should you care if "your" console sells more?

dmeador3402d ago

a. Put in my own class name
b. Show data in pop up box when click on link

@jessupj, others

The only "logic" is that there are a lot of people on this site that dont like xbox/Microsoft, and are going to disagree with literally anything that’s says or implies something positive about them. They want them to fail, plain and simple. This is why this site is horrible. Very few people having discussions like you guys are trying to , and mostly rabid fanboys.

You don’t like DRM? Awesome, maybe you guys can get mad at a company that has it on their console. Lots of narrow minded people who lack a little foresight here.

1) The X1 selling 34 consoles the entire year would be horrible for gaming.
2) They are doing well, and this is after they changed the policies that so many people had so much fun getting angry at. They will realize it was a good move
3) They won't risk the backlash they had again with DRM
4) People will always try and find ways to prove their assumptions are correct
5) @Utalkin2me, I'll spot you some, can you link me to 20 that Ms is doing that they "shouldn't"?
6) @jessupj, some people have conveniently forgotten there has been more than one generation before this, and all the lies Sony told people

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AngelicIceDiamond3404d ago


"So when someone says grats to a company like MS that did what they did, naturally a lot of level headed gamers are going to disagree with that."

"Level headed" people on N4G no I don't think so lol. No, its just simple fanboy nature of this site. I don't really know anybody here that's "Level headed."

"I love gaming with a fiery passion and I will not forgive and I will not forget. Maybe if 10 years go by and MS has continued to put the gamers first to make profit... maybe then I might consider trusting them again with my gaming needs."

In other words you'll never play on MS console that's fine. Sounds like a statement that anyone else would make here. Meanwhile I'll enjoy watching Titan Fall, Quantum Break. As well as Uncharted and other surprises Sony show off. I don't let anything get in the way of great gaming. I just play the games and have a conversation.

I'm not tryin to defend DRM (god no) but it seems like over a million of People were perfectly fine with pluggin in their X1 for the update.

I guess a million+ people and potential future X1 buyers have internet access to update the console. I dunno, I just find it funny. Like almost everyone who buys X1 has internet.