The Road to the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

Following is an extract from the Xbox Team development blog where they share with us the build up to their own "Emergence Day" - the launch of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player.

What takes 4.7 million lines of code, partner teams from all over Microsoft, and millions of dollars to create? The Xbox 360 system software? Nope. This is just the HD DVD player.

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DJ4460d ago

Damn, they should've just built a Blu-ray add-on while they were at it. Less risk for them, more choice for consumers.

Marriot VP4460d ago

yah and making the PS3 have a large HDD and DVD rom drive would of done the same, also sony wouldn't be loosing 2-300 per console, and the consumers wouldn't have to spend 500 or 600 on the PS3.

but this is a format competition. Both parties are going in deep.

Capt CHAOS4459d ago

Not so convinced that MS is taking anything like the risk that Sony is. Also, Sony's BD offering loses them money on each unit (with the console), whilst' I'm sure MS isn't selling theirs at a loss..

original seed4460d ago

I'll be enjoying watching HD movies with my player. Sony is banking on Blu-ray where as Microsoft is not. This can potentially break Sony if Blu-ray dont prevail.

daboosa4460d ago

tht they only have blueray 4 games so they can beat xbox next next gen console again

power of Green 4460d ago

Are you saying the HD-DVD tech isn't as good and shouldn't be a top-notch divice becaus it's external?(or what Sony fanboys call "JUST A ADD-ON)sadd and pathetic opinion if i ever read one. #1 you're about as bright as the Sun durring a eclipse also. I guess you work/hate with; what you got. Leave it alone.

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The story is too old to be commented.