Retro Review: Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen | oprainfall

oprainfall's Jeff Neuenschwander writes:

"In 1990, Enix released Dragon Quest IV in Japan to critical acclaim and would also be a success as it would sell over 3 million units–a mark that was eclipsed by Dragon Quest III two years before it. Two years later, Dragon Warrior IV would come to North America, also receiving critical acclaim. However, the game would fail to sell well in the region, not even hitting the 100,000 mark. Because of the poor sales, Dragon Quest would remain in Japan until 2001 when Dragon Warrior VII would release on the PlayStation."

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ipconflict2487d ago

This game is also now available on iOS.

ipconflict2487d ago

Your right, it's soon to be available - says Winter 2013.

Kamikaze1352487d ago

Not sure when it's coming out, but it's JP only at the moment unfortunately.

Chrono2487d ago

It's really good, underrated RPG.