The Order: 1886 To Release In the Fall of 2014?

The Order 1886 is an upcoming exclusive title for the PlayStation 4. Being developed by Ready At Dawn and Sony's Santa Monica Studios, The Order: 1886 is set in an alternate history where an old order of knights keep all of the world safe from half bred monsters, who are a combination of animal and man.

Xsilver3884d ago

Infamous Second Son and the Order in the same year Bring it On.

Abash3884d ago

September would be an amazing month for The Order

Vojkan3884d ago

I hope:
The Order is September.
Uncharted is November.

georgeenoob3884d ago Show
JessiePinkmanYo3884d ago

Georgenoobs-There you go again wasting your bubble.

gaffyh3884d ago

Georgee always makes me laugh, the delusion level is insane.

kneon3884d ago

If georgeenoob's track record is anything to go by then don't expect a worthwhile comment until... well just don't expect a worthwhile comment.

MannGamer3884d ago

@Vojkan I don't think any game wants to be released when COD are being released. Not even Uncharted.

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NukaCola3884d ago

September for The Order
October for Fallout 4
November for Uncharted 4

mshh43884d ago

September the order October fallout 4 November uncharted 4 December gran turismo 7

Jack_Of_All_Blades3884d ago

@mshh4 Dat holiday gaming season, imaging the possible Brack Friday Bunduru!?!

Hellsvacancy3883d ago

You not interested in The Witcher 3?

Zeniix3884d ago

So hyped about those games

Mosiac773884d ago

I can't wait for this game but I hope they don't rush it. This game is looking to be the next AAA franchise.

P.S R.I.P Paul Walker

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Bolts-N-Rays11093884d ago

Fall 2014 looks like a good time to get a PS4 then. Bring on The Order.

Outside_ofthe_Box3884d ago

2014 would be a lot quicker than I expected.

MidnytRain3884d ago

It'd probably help if Sony had more than three exclusives for next year. It probably will come 2014.

minimur123884d ago

2014 will be a great gaming year.
Lightning Returns
Watch dogs
If rumours are true, the order
And that's PS4 alone (excluding LR of course)

So I'll be using my ps4 quite a bit, just got AC and in all honesty I'm a bit dissapointed at how much of a glitchfest it is. There's so much pass through with your arms and I've already killed a guy and he was vibrating on the floor. But what annoys me the most is the pass through on the swords, it goes straight through his cloak like its not there.
If that's anything to go my

theDivision3884d ago

Don't forget the Division

Blackdeath_6633884d ago

they game seemed far from being finished at gamescom so fall 2014 is a wee bit optimistic IMO.

Blackdeath_6633884d ago

no, they showed tech demo's to journalists behind closed doors at gamescom all they showed were a couple charecter animations and some cloth simulation no texture, no level design no nothing. point is if that was all they had to show then i can't imagine they would go from that to a full game as early as the first half of 2014. also i misunderstood what he meant by fall in my first comment. at around September we might see some gameplay a release date however not too sure

modesign3884d ago

you know alot of games only show tech demos before releasing.

Blackdeath_6633883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

when they showed the kara tech demo it was over a year since beyond two souls finally came. people don't show tech demo's if they are going to be releasing soon because by then they would have actual gameplay by then and since they are not showing anything at VGX http://n4g.com/news/1404609... i wouldn't get my hopes up for an imminent release.

hellzsupernova3884d ago

Actually they showed gameplay.

DigitalRaptor3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Ghost of Sparta came out late 2010. They've had this project running for almost 3 years by now.

If they are ready to show a gameplay demo at VGX (and we've already seen gameplay snippets), there's no reason to suggest the game won't be ready for around September 2014.

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bleedsoe9mm3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

not sure they would want to release a new ip in the fall sequel rush , spring 2015 would be better