They give us 500 gigs and expect us to smile?!

Eurogamer: "So, the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles have now gone on sale in many different parts of the world, and what have we got to show for it? Well, I don't know about you, but after spending many months writing this sort of thing, I now have this expression on whenever I run into anyone from Microsoft..."

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TomShoe2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

With all these mandatory installs nowadays, that space is going to fill up QUICK.

Microsoft has time, since there are only a few games on the market as of now, but they need to get started before the backlash gets out of hand.

black0o2764d ago

there's one already from WD

RedDeadLB2764d ago

I still have a 320GB HDD from 2007. I should get a new one though :D

mikeslemonade2764d ago

If PS4 came with a terabyte you wouldn't be smiling either if it was $449.99. Sony did there research. There's a reason for everything. 500GB is actually sufficient to the mainstream audience.

Right now I have 3 games and I downloaded the free games. The HDD is about half way used up. Which is consistent with the last generation. I was using my 60GB Xbox 360 and I would have the games I play which is usually at most 3. And if I'm running out of space I just make room because there's games I'm not playing anymore.

And then Sony allows you to easily access the HDD. I've done it already. I took out the HDD and stuff.. Sony chose the correct price point and the correct stuff to put in it to appeal to the critical mass.

slimeybrainboy2763d ago

You guys need to realise that if you're on N4G or IGN etc frequently, you probably are much more into games than the average mass consumer. Where as the mass buy a couple games a year, we are playing like 5 plus.

Most people wont need all 500GB for a good few years. You can't expect then to raise the cost and increase the hard drive size when the majority of customers would rather have a cheaper console. It's unreasonable.

People are so fucking whiney.

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GarrusVakarian2764d ago

It's not too bad on PS4 because the installs are so damn quick, if i need to delete something it won't bother me because i know i can just be playing it again in like 30 seconds while it installs in the background.

Vitalogy2764d ago

If you're one of those gamers that jump between games very often that solution would become a pain but I guess it could work for others.

Sarcasm2764d ago

That and at least there's the option of upgrading on the PS4.

On the X1, not so.

UnHoly_One2764d ago

XB1 is supposedly going to support External drives since you can't replace the internal one.

DragonKnight2763d ago

@UnHoly_One: Question is, does that support mean for installing games, or just backing up save data.

BKsecret2763d ago

No, xbone won't support external game saves because then that will allow people to download games and share it easily on the web.

UnHoly_One2761d ago

I wish I knew the answer to that, DragonKnight.

As far as I'm aware, I don't think they have ever clearly answered that question yet.

I would hope it would allow for installing games, because otherwise it is useless to me because I'm not one to keep a digital movie collection or anything like that.

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Thegamer412764d ago

But but bu... MS gave us unlimited cloud storage to store anything we want. /s

Im probably going to upgrade to a 2TB Solid State Hybrid Drive eventuality so 500GB isn't a problem at this point.

Aussie_Spectre2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Unfortunately there are no 2.5 2TB SSHD in existence at the moment the best SSHD you can do is a Seagate 1TB SSHD in 2.5, hopefully they will make a 2TB before you need to switch it out

XtraTrstrL2764d ago

Yeah, SSHD seems the best performance to price ratio to go with. I've kind of decided on that from months ago, now just to find one that is 2TB in 2.5in size. I also have to find a damn launch edition PS4 available online at regular price also. I was suprised that the PS4 hdd is Sata II instead of III. Whatever though, just got a year of PS+ last night for $29.99. Downloaded some free PS3 games, now to just get my hands on an available PS4 for no more than $399.99.

M1ST4K32764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I don't think SSHD will be that impressive on a console (if someone keeps jumping from game to game...). If you play the same game over and over it will have the same effect as the SSD, ofc, or perhaps jumping between 2 or 3 games (it really depends on the density of the SSD cache). But I don't think it will have much of an impact (just speculation! no tests made by me... I've yet to receive my PS4 - monday! come on!!!)

Anyway, it's my first console (apart from Wii). How much space does a game usually take? What about an indie downloadable game? You guys are scaring me with those 500GB are not enough! xD I have 640GB on my PC and I have more than 15 games installed and still 100GB to go... welp, I hope it's not that OBLIGATORY to change HDD.

NeoTribe2764d ago

They only have a 1tb that I know of. Works great though. Didnt realise how large streaming and recorded files would be. A lot of my vids I recorded of bf4 are like 1g each or close. Crazy

Trekster_Gamer2763d ago

XB1 has the better and easier option. I prefer to just plug in a USB 3.0 HDD.. And keep the drive I have. Easier and you aren't stuck with the extra drive and having to move all of that data over.

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TBONEJF2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )


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Excalibur2764d ago

Sony makes it easy enough to upgrade but truth be told both of the systems should have started out with a 1TB HDD minimum.

AceBlazer132764d ago

Yh i wouldn't mind paying a little extra for a bigger hdd pre installed.

MazzingerZ2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I guess MSFT will force you to "upgrade" via a new SKU while SONY lets you upgrade via just a new HDD

The cloud storage is as great as your speed connection allows it to be

jackanderson19852764d ago

aren't both planning on allowing external drives sometime in 2014?

AD7052764d ago


external harddrives are very inconvenient for gaming. You'll just have some brick right beside your console that needs to be hooked up to it's own power source and external aren't as fast as internals.

MazzingerZ2764d ago

Yeah, external is not meant to functionally replace a HDD, it's nice to play up your rippad large song collection, pics and videos, stuff you want to reach via your consol althought not store...transfer of data is to slow to use it as a second HDD where data needs constanly be accessed

JohnnyBadfinger2763d ago

USB 3.0 is fucking fast. I have to use the external HDDon my 360 cause I have the launch addition I can't fit bf3 on my removable HDD. And the external HDD is just as if not faster at accessing the memory.

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Stsonic2764d ago

I don't see 500GB on PS4 as I problem unless you buy all digital games. You don't even notice the installs from disc.

Sarcasm2764d ago

In case you didn't know, all PS4 disc games installs onto the entire HDD automatically.

Stsonic2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I do know. when it is near full it will make space by deleting an old install. It is seemless all in the background whch is why i dont see 500GB as a problem.

Xbox one takes at least 10 minutes to install from disk where as ps4 is instant play.

Mikelarry2764d ago

the smart thing Sony did was to offer the option to upgrade your hard drive, i currently have a 1tb installed

L0wbanR2764d ago

I agree and also have a 1TB installed.

Underworld2763d ago

What did you do with the original 500gb? I plan on upgrading mine once I get a PS4, but not right away.

Double_O_Revan2763d ago

I got a 1TB as well. I think that will last me a decent bit.