OXM: Star Ocean 4 is PS3 exclusive

The Official Xbox Magazine, or OXM, has posted an exclusive interview with Infinite Undiscovery director, Hiroshi Ogawa. At the end of the interview, Ogawa was asked what tri-Ace game is his favorite:

"Us: Infinite Undiscovery aside – what tri-Ace game is your favorite? What RPGs, outside of tri-Ace's, did you really like?

Ogawa: Star Ocean 4 [tri-Ace's upcoming PS3 RPG] is my number one recommendation (laughs)."

Does OXM's editor know something we don't? I'd say wait before you start the party, consider this as a rumor until you hear otherwise from Square Enix.

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Washimul4013d ago

Another STELLAR PS3 Exclusive that will further KILL the SMOKE BOX

It is OVER for XBUTTS and 3 FIX ME

sonarus4013d ago

Its a rumor and OXM is speculating.

sonarus4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Finally PS3 catches a break on the JRPG front.

Yea it seems to be just a rumor. It could end up being multiplatform but Sony needs some good JRPG's multiplatform or not to get things moving in JP

Ariexv4013d ago

So far it's just a rumor, one of the OXM editors posted on Neogaf and said they actually have no clue and are completely guessing.

rukusa4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Ariexv, Im not surprised that you got banned (even if temporarily) from Neogaf considering the way youre spinning.

Is it that hard for you to accept that games are coming for the PS3 aswell?

It was kinda obvious from the start that you have a really high preferences for Wii and the 360 not giving anything "else" the thought of interest.

meepmoopmeep4013d ago

i'll wait for official word. but as long as it's on ps3 i'm happy

sonarus4013d ago

lol @rukusa that was a bit of a personal attack don't you think?

rukusa4013d ago


Well at least He could've bothered telling the truth, this is what the Eidtor said about the article on Neogaf:

(In all seriousness, why did you guys print that Ryan?)

"We didn't. The Ogawa interview was a web-only complement to the print article.

But seriously, why wouldn't we? Should we pretend like the other consoles don't exist? We play games on every system! :)"

After that he got jumped on by questions about a confirmation, but so far he's been mute. As you can see he did not say "HE DOESNT KNOW" which platform its coming for.

AriexV is a new member or "was" a new member at Neogaf, I dont know how his account has been suspended for. But, the guy has been riding hard on negativity towards Sony. Last time there was an article about Star Ocean 4 here, he threw a comment about it coming to 360 with high certainty, which suggests that he has a some resent to the PS3. He's also been sporting a Mass Effect avatar so Im not really surprised why the guy "denies" the chances of a PS3 only game.

Regardless, I find this news intriguing.

sonarus4013d ago

Well i have no clue of his neogaf history but thanks for clearing that up

MADGameR4013d ago

Because it won't matter, the PS3 version will obviously sell more and not just in Japan.

SPARTAAN4013d ago

they announced that it is exclusive to one platform but did not announce which one

cloud360-7th_account4013d ago

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ruibing4013d ago

Well I hope its true and not some cruel joke.

Obama4013d ago

Well if this is true, then it is clear that Tri-ace and SE would develop their main titles for the ps3 and the wii, and leave side project like Infinite Undiscovery for the 360. Not to say IU is bad, but Star Ocean 4 is on another scale.

SickNick854013d ago

another good exclusive...

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