Franchises Sega should let Atlus revive

Not too long ago, Sega finalized their purchase of Atlus from their parent company, Index Corp. According to Sega, Atlus operations will be untouched and continue as they always have without their interference. In fact, Sega even noted that Atlus was more than welcome to work on any of Sega's dormant franchises.

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lodossrage3348d ago

I want a Skies of Arcadia game too. But I'm not sure Atlus is a good choice to do it.

All the way back from the days of the NES, all they've really dealt with was the Shin Megami Tensei series ( Persona, Doomed Megalopolis, Digital Devil Saga, etc)

And those are all meant for the older crowd. Skies of Arcadia might be too far out of their normally mature element.

Hicken3348d ago

ATLUS has done so much more than just SMT. That's just what they're best known for.

lodossrage3348d ago

Actually, you're right. I forgot they have Growlanser and Etrian Odessey under their belts.

...They still shouldn't be the ones handling any new Skies of Arcadia though lol

starscream4203348d ago

I would love to see dragon force on live or PSN I don't care which!

Chrono3348d ago

Frankly I think Atlus should stick to Megami Tensei.

AHall883348d ago


Let Atlus be Atlus.
They have games far more interesting than anything Sega's done, save for maybe Shenmue and that's not the kind of game Atlus should make.

TheSanchezDavid3348d ago

I'm all for a Shenmue revival! That would be pretty sweet!

darkwalker3348d ago

I'd love to see an updated version of Eternal Champions for this generation. Lots of good memories with that game.