The games that launched the PlayStation

With the PS4 launching in Europe today, GamesAsylum looks back at the original PlayStation's launch games, including Ridge Racer, Battle Arena Toshinden, WipEout and Destruction Derby.

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Gamerita2615d ago

no gaming brand comes even close.

caseh2615d ago

Hmm, Sega done a better job of it with the Dreamcast. Some of its launch titles like Soul Calibur, House of the Dead 2, Power Stone and Virtua Fighter 3 were pretty much flawless.

Smart piece of kit, shame Sega dropped the ball really. Now they have been reduced to playing with blue hedgehogs. :/

Hicken2615d ago

... but those games didn't launch Sega's original console, as the ones in this article did for Sony's first.

Gamerita2615d ago

although they had great games like you mentioned & specially shenmue they weren't as good as Sony,playstation started a new era in gaming.