USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 11/23/2013 Xbox One Sells 730k

In the first week of sales in the US, the Xbox One has sold 732,569 units.

Hardware Lifetime Totals (US):
XOne 732,569
PS4 1,070,823
WiiU 1,579,990

Software Lifetime Totals (US):
XOne 1,885,427
PS4 2,638,231
WiiU 5,877,766

Call of Duty: Ghosts (XOne) Activision, Shooter 495,223
Call of Duty: Ghosts (X360) Activision, Shooter 295,787
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) Nintendo, Action 294,551
Battlefield 4 (XOne)Electronic Arts, Shooter 252,614
Super Mario 3D World (WiiU) Nintendo, Platform 243,193

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Neonridr3880d ago

So the two next gen consoles in 1 week sold more than the Wii U did in 1 year. Good to know.

xHeavYx3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Also interesting, the One sold around 250k in Europe, which seems a low number. Sony also sold almost a million more games

3880d ago
Ju3880d ago

Surprising if true. I doubt it, though. Some numbers had 150K in UK which leaves (the larger) rest of the continent split the remaining 100k? Strange.

falviousuk3880d ago

These numbers are not accurate, well they werent when they had the 360 way ahead of the PS3, they only became relevant when they showed the PS3 numbers almost the same as the 360's.

Thats N4G for you.

Also these numbers will not track online sales, which i would hazard a guess that the xbox one had more sales due to the way it was marketed. And it launched a week later.

Then again this is vgchartz .....

SoapShoes3880d ago

Yeah I doubt this is true. 250k only in Europe? I'm willing to bet it's more evenly split slightly leaning towards the US. I'll wait for NPD...

dedicatedtogamers3880d ago

What ever happened to the war-cry of "vgChartz is not reliable"?

I'll wait for official NPD.

Why o why3880d ago

Sorry vgchartz.... can't be bothered with your guesstimates even if they favour my console of choice.

Eonjay3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

For a frame of reference the Xbox Only sold 150k in the UK. This was acknowledged several days ago. So 730k for US. 150k for UK and 120k for rest of the world. This sounds about right. As predicted, Microsoft has intially lagging behind in the States. This isn't shocking.

DarthZoolu3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Did anyone notice 49,000 Wii U consoles sold in the US the week of Mario 3D World release? And people said it wasn't a system seller, BAM proved them wrong.

Prime1573880d ago


I think they are a guide and not concrete, yes. I just worked midnight to 8am for black Friday, I sold through 27 ps4s and 8 Xboxes. 21 Xbones still in the back. The store that I work at is heavy 360 and we were all surprised at the lack of xbone sales.

Sorry, the numbers might not be 100% accurate, but I think they are a close representation.

BitbyDeath3880d ago

Amazing, that must be almost 1 sale per store.

GrandTheftZamboni3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )


"These numbers are not accurate, well they werent when they had the 360 way ahead of the PS3"

The numbers still aren't accurate. You still have to add 10% to PS numbers to get real sales. That hasn't changed.


UnHoly_One3880d ago

But the games-per-console rate is actually lower.

mikeslemonade3880d ago

Why would you care if the numbers are accurate? It's the law of "very big numbers". The number accuracy is negligible. At the end of the day PS4 is going to be by far the #1 system. The X1 just has a lot of steam left over from launch. And seeing the trend that the Wii U will not hit 25 million units by the end of this generation. And if you can't see this then you just don't have much common sense.

VforVideogames3879d ago

Well sony count their ps4 sold to retailers while xbox counts sold to costumers . and its true I saw ps4 2 days later at local walmart and sony announce a million in 24 hours. go figure.

Automatic793879d ago


When it comes to Xbox one everything seems low to you. No wonder no one takes you serious.

rainslacker3879d ago


I'm not familiar with the law of very big numbers. You mean where a few thousand among several million is negligible, or VGChartz normal law they go by of under tracking the PS3 by close to 8 million units earlier this year until Sony made the official announcing when they sold 80 million.

On Topic:

These numbers do seem to be a bit....off. 750K in the US for X1? That means a rather small allotment in Europe...about 25% of initial sales.

I'm sorry, but VGChartz has never been accurate for system sales. Game sales it's not usually far off, but with Sony they can do nothing but guess until Sony releases it's official numbers annually.

Pogmathoin3879d ago

I was playing the actual consoles while you were sweating it out over sales numbers xheavy... Hope it was fun for you.... Ohhhh those sales sites are trustworthy all of a sudden??

mikeslemonade3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )


8 million consoles might not even matter. Let's say the PS4 does PS2 numbers this generation (totally possible). As far as bragging rights go, 147 compared to 139 million is still crushing Xbox and Gamecube who sold 30mil and 25mil in respect.

I'm gonna go on record and say the PS4 will outsell the PS2. Why..? Because there's more people on Earth this generation and technology is growing on Earth. Some places with legit techonology right now can play PS4 as compared back then in rural parts they didn't even have the option to play it.

Battlefieldlover3879d ago

@dedicatedgamer. Are you not reading the comments? Is that not what was being said before you made your comment?

rainslacker3879d ago

Does 8 million matter when you're talking 80 million? Probably not. So long as the system sells enough to retain great support then it's all good for whoever owns or wants one, regardless of system.

However, my point was that people take these numbers as gospel and discuss it endlessly every week when the numbers come out. So if a site is going to take the time to report the numbers, they should at least do so responsibly and as accurately as possible.

When said site is off by 8 million units, that is far from accurate, and in no way does it give them any kind of tangible reputation to be taken seriously as it shows their tracking methods are either flawed, or biased as some have claimed. If they were only off by as much as 100K units, then it would mean a lot more for the critical analysis that everyone puts on VGChartz numbers.

Sathur3879d ago

I went to the launch of both Xbox One and PS4 and I can tell you from the outside looking in that there were around three times more people in line for a PS4 than an Xbox One.
I would also like to point out that PS4 Games are around £10 cheaper than Xbox One games on average.

vigilante_man3879d ago

Sony is crushing all in its path right now. Expect a Kinnect-less SKU from Microsoft in Jan-Feb. They have no choice.

This time around both consoles are going head to head and PS4 is wiping the floor with XB1.

It's cheaper.
It's more powerful.
Sony have better exclusives track record.
Most things on PS4 are not behind the paywall.
Everyone wants a PS4.

There are only 2 reasons 360 was dominant over here in the UK. 1) cross-game chat for mates 2) was always on sale much cheaper and games in game stores were always cheaper for 360.

Now PS4 has the price point but also the wow factor - or dare I even say the "X-Factor"!

Ps4Console3879d ago

Totally but we need good competition .

insomnium23879d ago

People it's VGchartz. Just ignore it. The official financial statements will provide us with the correct info.

The only thing that can twist those numbers is channel stuffing but ofcourse anyone doing that will be caught red handed once the next quarterly report arrives. Right MS?

UnHoly_One3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Hilarious, I just came back to look at this post and saw that I had 6 disagrees and 0 agrees, on a post based on simple math. lol

1,885,427 / 732,569 = 2.57

2,638,231 / 1,070,823 = 2.46

Xbox has sold slightly more games per console sold. I'm not sure what anyone is disagreeing with.

This isn't a new thing anyway, Xbox owners have historically bought more games than PS owners.

But whatever, go on disagreeing with math and see how far that gets you in life. lol

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irepbtown3880d ago

Hardware Lifetime Totals (US):
XOne 732,569
PS4 1,070,823
WiiU 1,579,990

It seems the order is Wii U, PS4 then X1.
However I fully expect both PS4 and X1 to sell more than the Wii U within the next year.