Microsoft takes a stand against Achievement Cheating

The underground world of Achievement Cheating via trading gamesaves has been delt a big blow post-fall Dashboard Update. In the past year, a few websites have spawned on the internet as a place to upload your save game to just before unlocking an achievement. With some save games all you have to do is load it up and play 1 game and you unlock 1000 points worth of achievements...

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Dukester1014455d ago

I really dont see what all the fuss is about gamerscore. Sure, it's a cool system and all, but really it breeds cheaters and people who think that they're better than somebody because they have a higher score than somebody- symbolizing they play games "for a living."
I like getting achievements, especially hard ones, but it's not something I stress about or go out of my to get (unless it's that really hard one)!

CompGeek4455d ago

Yeah, whatever Duke, keep telling yourslef that ;)

Just kiddin of course, for the mods or whoever.

darktangent4455d ago

The achievements system keeps me playing old games that I have gotten all the achievements for but I dont go around comparing my score to others. I am about 1000 short of having 10,000 I like the feeling of reaching this mark but if for some reason I was never able to hit it, it would not matter.

Marriot VP4455d ago

well I don't have money or time to throw around so I've only had 3 360 games in the last year. My gamerscore is like 700 something, and I look to make up for that with GOW and COD3....wooohooo

THWIP4455d ago

...are the people who PAY to have someone else beat a game for them. That, and "gold farming" in PC mmorpg's....there are some pathetic losers in the world. :|

PS360WII4455d ago

i think it's a good idea to stop this non-sense. Gamerscore is for your own thing. It doesn't do anything for you but give you a large number. To stop it is nice to keep people using there money on better things. Like buying new games ^.-