Super Mario 3D World Receives Rave Reviews Across the Board!

Right now, Nintendo’s italian plumber is enjoying the top spot! currently sitting at a Metacritic score of 94!

Here are the latest review scores for Mario 3D World:

Destructoid – 10/10

Nintendo Life – 10/10

Nintendo World Report – 10/10

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KiRBY30003354d ago

this game is what I wish Knack would be.

the Wii U is looking more and more interesting.

_QQ_3354d ago

@Your first statement, No one can deny that.

deafdani3354d ago

I don't understand. Isn't Knack supposed to be a brawler? I saw a couple videos, and it bear no similarity to Mario at all. If anything, it's more in the same vein as, say, The Wonderful 101...

Xer0_SiN3354d ago

now only if they had a fan base to sell them to O_O.

jeffgoldwin3354d ago

Top seller dude owned.

If this is a top selling game with a tiny user base, what's that say for the games selling on your x1 or ps4.

skydragoonity3354d ago

This game is amazing, finally the wiiu has my attention

jeffgoldwin3354d ago

It's a super fun family game to play with the kids. A lot of new and imaginative things in the game. It prolly wont satisfy your CoD or FPS fix, but for this genre its pretty top notch.

from the beach3354d ago

Well done Nintendo, still waiting for my copy to arrive but I'm sure it meets the hype!

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The story is too old to be commented.