PS4 looks set to break records at launch

Eurogamer: In the moments before our interview begins proper, Andrew House tells me 2013 has been his most exciting year since joining Sony. If he's being sincere - and, given what happened at E3 this year, he may well be - 2013 should be honoured. House, the communications expert from Wales who rose through the ranks to become boss of all of Sony Computer Entertainment - was at Sony Corp when PlayStation was a mere skunkworks project 23 years ago.

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allformats2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

So about 300,000 PS4s to be sold today and over the weekend in UK? To compare, Xbox One did less than 180,000...

If PS4 achieves said number, it'd be the biggest launch ANY console has ever seen in the UK in gaming history.

komp2752d ago

All I have seen from pics / videos etc that are floating about is just, well... pure madness. Crowds going nuts - people getting pushed out the way - leaping over barriers..

Ps3 piles being knocked over like some scene from 300...

It's Insane... Ive seen all console releases and this is amazing.

President2752d ago

Europe launch has been even crazier than NA launch. Every newschannel, every newspaper, every celebrity(even Mia Farrow) is talking about the PS4.

insomnium22752d ago


Holy shite are people really THAT crazy for a PS4? I know I would want one too but DAMN thise vids are absolutely bordering on insanity. LOL! PS4 will do insane numbers. It will be out of stock for months it seems.

Tony-A2752d ago


LMAO - Their body motions when they run into the HDTVs being displayed was hilarious in the second vid. They all ran into it as if to say: "PS4!! PS4!!! TV? No, f*ck that - Oh, there they are!" runs to PS4s.

pyramidshead2752d ago


Holy hell haha, I never thought it would be as insane as that even now! Mentalists lol. Must be such passive PR to see videos of consumers rushing to be the first person to pick one up, or just to get one in general in case there's no more back up stock.

Sony did good, that's pretty much a fact now, and has been since February.

komp2752d ago

Remember the Paris PS2 Launch?

eerily similar.

feraldrgn2752d ago

Those day one buyers are crazy! xD

TheLyonKing2752d ago

Glad I got mine of amazon, poor postie was knackered said he had delivered at least 70 so far ha

PSVita2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )



spektical2752d ago

is it mean that i would go to that launch having a ps4 already guaranteed from amazon, and just start running randomly down an aisle screaming "MORE PS4'S HERE!!!" ?

T22752d ago

@Jack - that second vid!!! wow serious sht those shoppers, you see them coming up stairs, break into .....

CHARGE!!! - all business LOL. Those first few at a dead run, noone was stopping those dudes.

sinjonezp2752d ago

My favorite was watching one crowd kicking over xbox one boxes lol. The maddness is real.

vigilante_man2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Have we stepped into a parallel universe?
PS4 selling way more than XBox in the US & the UK?
Microsoft's strongest markets?

Now joking either. Here in the UK the XB1 launch passed over with little fuss. But everyone is talking about the PS4 launch.

So many people want one for Christmas for their kids. For some reason it is THE Christmas 2013 present to be seen to be getting. These are strange times indeed. Maybe the bloody nose Microsoft needs to come back stronger.

Wow! 6-7 years of dominance wiped out within 2 weeks.

7uff12752d ago

Brazilian launch:
1 PS4 has been sold so far. No joke.

Retroman2751d ago

this is soooo amazing, hope Sony capture ALL gamers this time leave none behind as they did with ps3
not everyone is a hardcore gamer as Sony found out the hard way they left out ps1,ps2 fans. RPG,PLATFORMER,SIDE SCROLLING gamers like to buy ps4 as well. thank you MARK CERNY for Knack and future games.

karl2751d ago

for a second i thought that was the walking dead next episode

ABizzel12751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Newegg has an incredible deal on the PS4 + PSVita if you're looking.

1 year PS+
Extra DualShock 4
Turtle Beach P4C


Edit never mind sold out, but you can still auto notify when they get more. THey also have the XBO for $800, but it's not really a deal, because all the individual components add up to $800 as well. PS+ is only $30 there as well.

Knushwood Butt2751d ago

That queue in Germany is insane.

AKS2751d ago

I snagged a PS4 today online at work from my office. No one attacked or mauled me.

I was very pleased to find one, but I was not nearly as excited as those jokers in that video. I don't think I'd want to get between them and their PS4.

Lykon2751d ago

@jack vagina vids... This is pathetic. It makes me sick. i used to be a sony fanboy ... but the sick grabbing hysterical consumerism hysteria is sickening... same goes for MS obviously , even more so actually.. time to grow up

bujasem_892751d ago

Runners! where's my Brick Damn it??

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diablocody2752d ago

PS4 came out Friday, it is now 12:30pm Saturday here in Australia. Just went to these stores in my area:

JB Hi Fi
EB Games
Big W
K Mart
Dick Smith Electronics
Harvey Norman

All 7 have Xbox One's available from day one
All 7 are sold out of PS4's
Only JB Hi Fi have places available for the second shipment which should be between 20th and 24th of December. The other 6 are sold out of their second shipment and should have stock in January

The best numbers comparison will be next year when both consoles are readily available but at this point PS4 should easily be 3 or 4 to 1

imt5582752d ago

300K sold console in half day. Incredible!

Btw. XO sold at 150k in 2 days.

FANTA11802752d ago

xbox doesnt sell well outside of the usa.

Redrum0592752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

It didn't sell well in the U.S.
For the sake of gaming ppl, you don't have to go PlayStation, go to Nintendo if yall want, just don't go xbox, those assholes need to understand that We made them, so we can very well Destroy them.

So that in the end, it'll be them bending over for us.

vigilante_man2752d ago

Are you joking? The XBox 360 has been dominant here in the UK over the PS3. Game shops have always had larger and more prominent displays for 360 games, consoles and accessories.

Heck, even the UK press have been very 360-focused over the past 6-7 years. Guess they will all have to welcome a new era akin to PS2 days.

It does feel great to at last have a new console king in town. It's such a breath of fresh air.

The one company focusing on games, gamers and developers all throughout the development of their new console and offering brilliant deals with PS Plus & PS Vita is leading the way - just like it should always be!

irepbtown2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

vigilante_man is actually right.

You walk into any gaming store (even supermarkets) and the 360 logo would dominate. Local Game store have a wall fairly long just for 360, the PS3 had the opposite wall but only half. That's just one example.

However, I walked into that very same Game today and PS4 is dominating. Oh how times have changed.

sweendog2752d ago

Hope everyone is enjoying their PS4's in the uk still waiting for mine from Amazon uk they said it was sent to the wrong depot so I think next gen starts tomorrow for me

GraveLord2752d ago

Xbone did 150k in its first week in the UK.

nosferatuzodd2752d ago

oh my god jack vagina i've never seen anything like that in my lif i say not even the ps2 was like this ps4 is in a new class

Gamer19822751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

300k in UK alone? I wonder how many in the EU total? 1 million perhaps? That would double the ps4 sales compared to the XBONE.

Also the WiiU has only sold just over 150k consoles in the UK since launch.. Just to put things in perspective for the Nintendo elite.

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The Meerkat2752d ago

Its breaking all sorts of records.

e.g. I've just broken the record for how long someone can stare at DPDs parcel tracking service without blinking.

SCThor2752d ago

hahaha DHL in my case. F5 key is barely functioning

insomnium22752d ago

LOL you guys. You'll get there don't worry.

Shadow Flare2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I've followed DPD driver "Andy" for so long now that he feels like a long lost friend that's paying me a visit


YAY! Andy's here! Andy's here! WOOHOO! Got my ps4! Andy said, "is that what I think it is?" I said, "yep!" and he goes I've delivered 6 of those already today. Some other drivers had 10-15"

Anyway nuts to this, Greatness awaits, later all!

greylantern2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

yeah congrats! I cancelled my pre-order (cos I got my PC and BF4 to tide me over till the exclusives come) but will pick one up next year, admit am a bit jealous now of all you guys getting yours today.

BDG2752d ago

At one point i saw mine was litterally 5 min drive away yet it was saying another 2 hours! Was tempted to go track him down

The Meerkat2752d ago


My guy was only 500 metres away!!!
Then went in the other direction

DeadMansHand2752d ago

There's a guy on GAF who posted a screenshot of his and the truck was literally 2 blocks away but said there were 18 deliveries before him lol. Still has to wait 3 hours. I asked him how in the hell he is not just running to the truck???

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Ocsta2752d ago

Break them records Sony! Show the world that mobile is NOT THE F*****G FUTURE!!!

LOL_WUT2752d ago

Yea them naysayers must be eating their words ;)

B1663r2752d ago

Lol, the iPhone sold 9 million devices in a single weekend.

Dude Dutch2752d ago

What a utterly stupid and unnecessary remark.

B1663r2752d ago

Just pointing out that there are no records being broken here.

Hicken2752d ago

Just pointing out that you're a troll.

Is the iPhone a video game console?

Visiblemarc2752d ago

Yeah, besides it being a phone, not a console, the vast majority of those sales were subsidized contracts covering 75% of the full retail cost of the unit.

That would be like Sony having 10 million PS4's ready for $100 each provided you keep using a service you already pay for already. Guaranteed they'd have sold every single one.

johndoe112112752d ago

Congrats, you just won the "Most stupid remark of the year" award.

SirBradders2752d ago

But look at who buy iphones (wannabe hipsters)
Look who buy ps4's (THE gamers)

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johndoe112112752d ago

You just made one of the best comments EVER!!!!

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FighterJoe2752d ago

It's completely sold out in Australia, most retailers are offering orders for 2014.

Frodosmugins2752d ago

Funny how some unknown celebrities show up to milk the ps4 hype!
Brits do love their celebrities!

I don't know any of these people that showed up at release!
and I live in UK!