Dark Sector shows its progresses in new photos

As it has been one of the first next-gen games to be announced, it was inevitable that Dark Sector would have "suffer" of several changes in its graphic style and atmosphere. From a futuristic title, Dark Sector has become something more "realistic".
Well, the new images confirm once more all the game design and set changes Steve Sinclair, the game Director of Development, has announced.

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beans4459d ago

This game is looking Hot! I can't wait to see this game in motion, it reminds me of RE4/GOW!

ImTheNumber124459d ago

I really can see the similarities between this game and RE4. It's the way the screens are focused on the sholder area and how he raises his gun like that. Taking tips from RE4 ain't a bad idea at all.

Asuka4459d ago

its a multi-platform title for both the 360 and PS3.

InMyOpinion4459d ago

It is? I thought it was a Ps3 exclusive...

ChaosKnight4459d ago

Yeah its always been multi =D Also what happened to it? the first trailer took place in Space on a ship and look totally Sci-fi, now this looks more down to earth almost like the main character is possessed or something. I like it but I wonder how much they changed.

headblackman4458d ago

this game looks good now but i think i still like the first build better