PS4 Launch: UK Fans Snap Up New PlayStation

Eager UK gamers got their hands on the new PlayStation 4 console after queuing for hours - some for days - ahead of its midnight launch.

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HaveAsandwich1877d ago

i feel sorry for those people in line, that didnt get one. i could have bought a bundle last week from walmart, and another bundle this morning from target. people say they are out of stock, yet i see them all over the place. i can only imagine the same will happen in the uk.

indysurfn1876d ago

I only see xbox ones in stock. Where did you see a ps4 in stock what city are you in?

HaveAsandwich1876d ago

online. you have to have deal alerts from a site like now in stock. i have my ps4, but they alerted bundles many times over the past two weeks. doesn't matter what city. i got a launch edition on launch night from amazon, because of this. DO IT.

Fixay1877d ago

I feel the same. Felt really bad last night for the people stood behind me! There was 9 PS4's left over after everyone took the pre ordered ones and luckily I was the 9th person lol

The remaining people in the line looked mad at me and were all waiting to see if my card declined I think. In total roughly 11 people had to walk away

1877d ago