Microsoft Says Sony's Online Network Is 'Busted'

Andre Vrignaud, Microsoft director of technical strategy for Xbox Live claims that Sony's PlayStation network is "busted" and offers a "broken" user experience.

"When PS3 owners first use the system's online functionality they'll be asked to create a "Sony ID," but Vrignaud points out that you will likely need separate IDs or friends lists depending on the game. Talking about the upcoming game Resistance: Fall of Man, he said, "Even though I already have a 'Sony ID', I may have to create a new 'Resistance ID' to play. And then start thinking about just how broken the experience is when you try to invite someone to a game. Do you send it via the Resistance UI? What screenname do I send it to? If I want to add you to my 'Sony ID' friends list, do I need to send you an in-game message to ask you what your real 'Sony ID' name is? What about game invites? How does that work across even just these two IDs?"

He continued, "You think that's bad? Now let's open up a few more games from different publishers. Each of these publishers had to make a choice of what online interface to use - again, because Sony's online network just isn't ready. So they'll choose between writing their own (as did Insomniac for Resistance), or perhaps licensing Xfire, or GameSpy, or Quazal, or Demonware. So now we have five potential networks with different namespaces, and an inherent lack of ability to communicate (chatting, voice, invites, finding friends, etc.) between them, and even across to just the 'Sony ID' namespace. Think we're done? Nope... what happens if each publisher doesn't stick with the same online solution for all of their games? This is very likely as most publishers use different developers - so even across a single publisher, you may find fragmented communities."

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gnothe14462d ago

MS needs to stop commenting on sony's online service.let sony shoot themselves in the foot with its online service, or if its good let them get praised for it.Sony never said it will definity be better than live, they said it will be free an just as good, or offer the same features.I play on live everyday an I think its great!! will the PS3 network really be busted? only time will tell!!

BIadestarX4462d ago

Hey, at least they are not liying about it. This is a valid concern. Sony did worst the other day when they lied about the 360 being more expensive than the PS3.

4462d ago
Donkey Slayer4461d ago

Sorry, I'm not going to believe his propoganda, he's already been completely wrong on the PS3 before.

This is what he said:

"In fact, I'll stick my neck out and predict that that you won't see any 1080"x" games for the PS3 this year."

He should have received the axe.

uxo224461d ago

What article did you pull that quote from, I'd like to read it?

Phlapp4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

"but Vrignaud points out that you will likely need separate IDs" Likely??? so he dosen't actually know then!
"I may have to create a new 'Resistance ID' to play." I may?? so he definately doesn't know for sure then! Kind of makes this whole post a bit pointless doesn't it?

Donkey Slayer4461d ago

"'Don't get sucked into the hype,' warns Vrignaud"

Well, Sony lets the games do the talking.. The hype is real.

Xbox's Director of the Game Technology Group, Scott Henson, lmfao

"I think 1080p, just to address that directly, will be basically impossible."

Jrocks_4_ever4461d ago

Sorry to all that dont like this comment, but it is so funny when the MS spokeman look like donkeys. And the SLAYER JUST TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THOSE IGNORANT DONKEYS!! Great counter....

Phil Harrison4460d ago

"Xbox's Director of the Game Technology Group, Scott Henson"

Actually, if you READ the article right above, it quite clearly says:

"Andre Vrignaud, Microsoft director of technical strategy"

So it's not the same guy.

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FadeToBlack4462d ago

Then its gonna be a pain in the arse. All because they are trying to pull it off for free. Nothing in life is free, you pay one way or the other. I rather pay $50 a year for live.

Phlapp4461d ago

PC gaming is free! why not PS3?

joemutt4461d ago

There are a few that are free, but the game costs a little more than it should. And the ones you pay for are worth it.

Phlapp4460d ago

Er.. nearly ALL pc games are free to play on-line and as for price they are a lot cheaper than console games!

beans4462d ago

Who cares about what MS says or what Sony says because im just looking forward to great games on both systems! Dark Sectors has just went on my must have list!

PS360PCROCKS4462d ago

Honestly if this is true than this is most certainly going to be annoying to ps3 owners

Aflac4462d ago

i fn knew it! They wanna give players a "free" online service---as in a [email protected]$$ service! But what does MS do? They give XBL members the XBL Diamond card, this program gives you far more than enough discounts to make up for the yearly $50 payment for xbox live over and over- NOT ONLY DOES THIS MAKE XBOX LIVE FREE, BUT MAKES THE SERVICE SAVE YOU $$$! For example: offers such as $20 off of theme park visits, rent 1 rent another free at movie gallery, save 10% on any purchase…the list goes on forever! Its pretty much impossible that not a single vendor is a place every1 buys stuff from on a regular basis.

lalaland4461d ago

And usually you don't have to pay. I could join my local supermarket or TV networks loyalty club, and get almost the exact same benefits -- for free.

Maybe the XBL Diamond card saves you a couple of bucks, but it actually makes more money for MS -- you shouldn't have to pay to be a member.