Heavenly Sword Becomes A Collectors Item

The PS4 and Xbox One are out, and fighting for dominance. Joining the revolution takes some guts, and some holiday dollars. To see our complete breakdown check out the latest issue of GameHeadz The Digital Magazine, Ironically a game that released around the same time for the PS3 has also received a significant price increase on

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Relientk772440d ago

I'm glad I already got my copy

pr0t0typeknuckles2440d ago

i got my copy a year ago,lol im strike o luck

Knushwood Butt2439d ago

Got my copy for free, and still have it. Get in!

KidBroSweets22439d ago

I've had it since it came out. It really is a good game. I just wish it was a longer experience which is why I hope for a sequel.

Crossbones2440d ago

Gosh, I hope Sony brings back Heavenly Sword on the PS4 as a franchise but with more gore and blood like GOW but with its own unique gameplay.

smashman982439d ago

I disagree nariko isn't like kratos she doesn't kill for the sake of killing kratos is sadistic and nariko is not.

alti2440d ago

I'm sorry but i often just explore this site as a ghost, but i needed to resurrect my login for a bit of 2 cents.

I never owned heavenly sword even though i wanted to. 3 months ago i played it briefly. It is by no means a masterpiece. Easily ninja theory's worst game. The graphics were covered with bloom and had choppy shadows. The gameplay was all over the place. The motion controls were a joke. The frame rate was terrible. And the character was unresponsive.

Honestly, this was a bad game if i ever played one. I just couldn't sit back and encourage those who pretend like it wasnt a piece of shit.

I've seen the screenshots of the upcoming HS movie, which looks to be rendered entirely with ps4 hardware renders (I'll probably be the only person NOT surprised when they drop that ball). With that said, I'm excited for them to explore the series more and give it a reason to be called great. Even though my time with it is limited, i could tell it was nothing special and it has aged like crap.

Lastly, she's impossibly powerful on playstation Allstars. That is all.

amiga-man2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Lets just say I disagree totally, great game and for the record I loved the motion controls, will never forget saving her father with an arrow I guided over his shoulder for a kill in literally the last second before he was hacked down.

Would love to see more Heavenly sword.

GrandTheftZamboni2439d ago

Yeah, arrow shooting was epic.

snake-OO2440d ago

way to go judging a launch window title on graphics.
That game has one of the best storylines this gen, and the musical score was awesome.

alti2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Typical. I mentioned a few reasons why i didnt believe the game was anything special, and you point to my comment on its graphics, which apparently are important considering ninja theory went on record in a video interview (documented somewhere on YouTube for your viewing pleasure) saying, "our goal was to create the most beautiful game ever made."

So no, i dont think graphics make or break a game. It was simply something i addressed as a facet describing where it failed. I can understand why everybody is so butthurt by honesty, though.

Edit: i didnt even say the graphics were bad. I noted what it rendered. Considering I'm just describing what it was, it is YOU who is calling them bad.

SoapShoes2439d ago

And he didn't say you said they were bad he said you were judging some graphical issues on a launch window game. What you are doing is like looking back at Gran Turismo 2 and saying it has lots of blocky cars and jaggies. Well at the time it was the most beautiful racing game and at the time Heavenly Sword was one of the most beautiful games out there.

pr0t0typeknuckles2440d ago

i agree that it isnt a masterpiece at least no to me, but it is a fairly decent game at best that i think can be improved with a sequel just like PoP08 but thats another story,on a sidenote i think ninja theorys worst game is either that shitty xbox game they made years ago or DmC

princejb1342439d ago

I disagree. In my opinion it had great graphics and a great story line. I loved heavenly sword beat it 4 times so far. I'm not a big fan of motion control in general so I guess yea they wasn't the best.
Ninja theory worst game? I think their worst game was enslaved and yea I beat enslaved twice to collect all the trophies, and that game was ok at best. I didn't play devil may cry so I can't judge that game.
I never had problems with the frame rate and the character was very responsive to me.

GrandTheftZamboni2439d ago

Haven't played it in few years, but I remember the graphics were top notch. At least for that time.

JasonBloodbourne2439d ago

if you want to see an even worse game check out that cricket game that was pulled from steam!! seriously the worst game i've ever seen in my life.

The_Villager2439d ago

You're right the game was terrible, I traded my copy in the day after I bought it.

Knushwood Butt2439d ago

It's definitely no masterpiece, but it's not a bad game either.

I remember the motion controls being well implemented, but being forced to sit through repeated arrow/cannon guidance did get tedious. Still, having said that, whatever happened to games using sixaxis controls every now and again? I loved lobbing 'nades with that in Uncharted...

So anyway, no masterpiece, but most definitely not a piece of ****. Definitely worth a play through, although not at the expense of better games.

thricetold2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )


In my opinion, your opinion in games sucks. Just felt the need to share that to help the readers decide what is or is not a good game.


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wheresmymonkey2440d ago

No it isn't, you can buy it most places for less than a fiver.

Now Xenoblade Chronicles - thats a collectors item, you can't find it second hand for less than £40.

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