PS4 firmware update 1.51 for Europe is available now

The PlayStation 4 System Software update 1.51 for the UK & EU regions is now available to download.The PS4 console launches tomorrow and requires a 350 MB Day 1 system software update to enable its full functionality.

Whilst this can be done directly from a PS4 it is likely that the Sony servers will be getting pounded from all the other PS4 users trying to do exactly the same thing. Save yourself the heartache and download it now via your computer then transfer it on to a USB memory stick.

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Livecustoms3825d ago

Just got it on my USB. Greatness Awaits (1day)

L0wbanR3825d ago

I downloaded the EU recovery file as I am switching HDDs..

..how does it work doing recovery plus the update? Recovery then once I'm up and running do an update via USB?


FoxyRush is a cheap - but tasty - little platformer

Cheap platformers are pretty much two-a-penny as we lap up the treats. FoxyRush on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC looks to be no different.

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Epic Games reveals name of next Fortnite season ahead of time

Epic Games has revealed the name of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 on Twitter. Taking to the social media platform, the developer has begun promoting #FortniteC5S3Wrecked.


F1 24 Q&A - Codemasters Talks AI Improvements, Confirms NVIDIA DLSS 3 (Frame Gen) Support

With two weeks left before the launch of F1 24, Wccftech interviewed Codemasters to discuss some of the improvements fans will find in the game.

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Dfooster6h ago

So it looks like they have abandoned unreal for future iterations of the game and are sticking with ego. So that means no decent VR support on PC and none on console seeing as the ego can't handle it properly. I think I'm done with this franchise it's turned into fifa with a hefty price tag and no innovation from one year to the next. Time for someone else to have a go at this licence