User banned on PlayStation Network for drawing inappropiate picture in Tearaway

An Redditor just reported that he was banned on PlayStation Network for 24 hours because he drawed and uploaded an inappropriate picture on a squirrel in Tearaway.

cleft53832d ago

You have to try pretty hard to get banned on the Playstation network, just makes me curious how graphic those pictures where.

Th4Freak3832d ago

Here's the picture http://imgur.com/a/w59wk the guy posted it on /r/Vita 2 days ago.

GamingSoup3831d ago

I guess that would get you banned.

Baylex3831d ago

He he it made me laugh xD
Well he sure deserved the ban! I'm glad it was just 24h

N4GCB3832d ago

Incredibly hard, even this was just a temp 24hr ban.

badz1493831d ago

for 24 hours! I haven't uploaded any of my drawings yet but my snow flakes are basically poop! yeah, that's right, it's raining poop in my version LOL!

Game4life3832d ago

i hope i dont get banned for being inapropriate in minecraft when that comes out. i like being stupid in there.

Blackdeath_6633832d ago

no you won't. he got banned because he uploaded it. anyways the amount of graphic moving sex giants in little big planet that didn't get banned makes me wonder if this was just a one off case log into little big planet now and i guarantee a cock and balls is waiting for you somewhere

NeoTribe3832d ago

Crazy. People have made some things on lbp and only had there map taken off.

N4GCB3832d ago

This is just a temp 24hr ban

CLOUD19833832d ago

Probably he draw somethings like this B====D :P

SilentNegotiator3832d ago

A butt pooping on the frowning face of a man with a cowlick?

amnalehu3832d ago Show