Live PS4 Launch - Covent Garden

PlayStation Access - "Can't join us for the midnight launch? Why not tune into the launch livestream direct from the PS4 Lounge in Covent Garden starting at 10pm GMT"

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G20WLY2490d ago

Looking forward to it!

Hopefully we'll get some new snippets of info regarding upcoming games...

PS: Mods should bump this, so folks don't miss it ;)

devwan2489d ago

The stream was both a shambles and lacked anything interested reveal-wise (it also lacked audio for quite some time!).

Some of the people they interviewed in the queue weren't exactly the brightest of buttons, but the odd guy such as the Disgaea/Dragons Crown Vita fan restored my faith in the gaming public :D

Gazondaily2489d ago

I was there! I did some troll interviews but let's see if I'm in this video lol.

G20WLY2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I agree devwan, it was a shambles, sadly. How the fudge, in this day and age, do sound guys so consistently manage to eff up live events?

Then there was introducing trailers, before awkward presenters-staring-at-camera moments until eventually some muppet remembers they're supposed to press a button!

Felt bad for Holly on a number of occasions. She's pretty good, but those around her repeatedly failed and made things difficult.

Pizza and blankets was a class move by Sony though! Andrew House is always great. And I'm sure that guy (Imran?) who got handed his PS4 by House was p!ssed lol - either way, he was very entertaining. :D

Good-Smurf2489d ago

Private Video,WTF?
Did somebody having sex during launch or something?

Grave2489d ago

This was so much better than the NA launch. The videos were all great!

HappyWithOneBubble2489d ago

Video is private. Come on I want to see it.

MushThePainter2489d ago

I'm jealous you guys are getting War Thunder at launch. Can't wait to play it.

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