Incubus named November's Artist of the Month

Xbox Live's Artist of the Month program continues, naming Incubus as November's artist. Find out more information about the band and exactly which song is available for download after the jump.

November sees Incubus joining the ranks of Natasha Bengefield, The Fray, and Augustana as a part of Xbox Live's Artist of the Month program.
While many radio listeners may only be aware of Incubus as the hit makers behind such singles as "Drive," "Pardon Me," and "Wish You Were Here," their devoted fans know that in some form or other, Incubus has been together for the better part of two decades, since vocalist Brandon Boyd, drummer Jose Pasillas, and guitarist Einziger formed the band in 1991.

The band's latest album, Light Grenades, marks their fifth full-length studio album, and a very important step in the band's evolution. "It kicks, it bites, it loves, it hurts. It's the closest we've ever come to being the band we want to be" said Boyd of the new record. Light Grenades will be available in stores November 28, and is available for pre-order now on the band's website,

Look for a music video "Ann Molly" on Xbox Live® Market place, and also look for Incubus to participate in the Xbox® Game with Fame program during the month of December. Fifty lucky gamers will get a chance to play the highly-anticipated Gears of War® with Incubus in an exclusive Game with Fame contest.

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kmis874462d ago

First Jessica Simpson and now Incubus? Are all the artists of the month going to be signed to Sony record labels?

Marriot VP4462d ago

great, incubus is pretty good. It be even more incredible if they promoted artists that are good but unheard of like lacuna coil and cold.

Marriot VP4462d ago

oh I know they promoted cold's album that they pre downloaded on all 360's hard drives, so that was really cool. Cause now I listen to them because of microsoft offering that music on their hdd out of the box.