Extra Credits: What is a game?

This week, we discuss the debate over what does and doesn't qualify as a "game".

coolbeans3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Now this was an episode I can agree with. After playing Proteus and seeing the discussions online about it, it's amazing to see the arbitrary goalpost-moving we make when it comes to the definition of a "game."

mattdillahunty3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

i agree with you. before watching this, i had been saying that we needed to upgrade our definition of what a game is, so that would wouldn't have so much trouble classifying things like Dear Esther, Flower, or Loneliness. but i do agree with their point, it's really not even worth trying to define what a "game is." the label isn't necessary and it can belittle the point that the experience is amazing, no matter how you classify it.

at least with a term like "interactive experience," it pretty much allows any experience that you interact with, whether it has winning or losing, complex mechanics, etc. as long as you're making a choice to do something while interacting with it. the word game (in a video game sense) is too fuzzy, and it can come with too much baggage.

SpiralTear3891d ago

I agree with Extra Credits that we shouldn't take a side in whether unorthodox and adventurous game design or traditional involving mechanic focus is the way to go. Both have their advantages and both contribute to the medium's appeal.

However, I'm not sold on the term "interactive experience" because it sounds too politically correct, in a sense. I think the word "game" still has a potency and validity to it. There is a sense of user agency in the experience and that agency is a struggle between the gamer and whatever obstacles the game offers. It's a challenge and in my eyes, a game, regardless of difficulty or how you approach the end, still has an element of challenge.


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