Clips: My Son Masters the Sixaxis

From Kotaku: "My son's first experience with the Playstation 3 Sixaxis was interesting. He had never used motion control before and I just handed him the controller and told him to steer the car. The first 30 seconds or so he hated it and actually said he wasn't playing anymore."

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Weapon X4462d ago

THis story is W H A CK

Who cares about some snotty nose little kid playing a $500.00 system, that prefers thumbsticks over motion sensing? He looks about as coordinated as an OCTOPUS falling out of a tree. NEWSFLASH: He like thumbsticks because............because he sticks thumbs in his mouth!!! LOL This is weak.

candystop4461d ago

Dude chill out he's just a little baby boy!....It was actually pretty cool the way he turned the controller like a steering wheel and even funnier when he kept on saying he liked 360 even though you know he's not talking about the console! This kind of reminds me of the tactic MS pulled before release with the boy sitting in an empty house with nothing but a 360 and tv!

Maddens Raiders4461d ago

WOW - what a little spoiled brat...

Isn't he supposed to be playing a DS or Wii??? LOL

This is one of the lamest videos on this site I've seen.

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Marriot VP4461d ago

"My Son Masters the Sixaxis"

well it's better than this...

"My Son Masters his Wii"

Maddens Raiders4461d ago


That was pretty funny Cerula

PS360PCROCKS4461d ago

Good one lol, agreed this video is LAME

BIadestarX4461d ago

well, mmmm....
"My Son Masters the Sixaxis", does sound like some hardcore, disturbing sex possition.

videl4460d ago

loool, thats funny. what idiots did make the film? oh my good, poor ppl.

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