20° PS3 online concerns

In an interview recently, Insomniac games' Ted Price revealed that the upcoming Resistance: Fall of Man will not use the central buddy list created for use online, but will have it's own separate buddy list, clan registry and in game chat services. According to, this will be the same for all of the PS3 launch titles...

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2tired2day2hate4461d ago

i dont see this is even possible. why wouldnt you make one unified buddy system? i never praised ms for doing it cause i just thought it was common sence, but apparently common sence isnt so common anymore.

kmis874461d ago

They do have a unified friends list, the question is why aren't the games using it? Ted Price has hinted at an online update that would unify the main friends list and the Resistance friends list, and I thought, ok that's fine. But why are other games not using the unified list? This is quite troubling, the online had been looking better and better but then this news comes out. Oh well, I'll see what's what on the 17th.

Weapon X4461d ago

THis is an O L D T I R E D S T O R Y.....poor.

Where are the Mods on this site....?????

This was out a week ago, and not nearly as "dire" as all of the billgatesfartsniffin' lackeys would make it out to be. =D

Geohound4461d ago

Seperated IDs or nametags would kinda piss me off. hope they'll fix that up.