Gamesradar:GTA IV: 360 vs PS3 Graphics shootout - which console will take the prize?

Joe McNeilly reports:

''We've played both console versions of GTA IV, and took the following video from the opening scene. We captured the raw video in uncompressed 720p, with no post-processing to either stream. Shown side-by-side, it's quite difficult to tell the difference between the two versions. Only a highly trained eye can see the subtle shifts in color, the minor variations in shadow detail. Our conclusion: buy the one for the console you own. If you're lucky enough to have both in your living room, your decision will have to be based on whether or not you want to pay Microsoft for Extra Content. The barely perceptible difference will have zero impact on your enjoyment of the game.''

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MaximusPrime5627d ago

i cant see the different. They are both the same.

Breakfast5627d ago (Edited 5627d ago )

"The barely perceptible difference will have zero impact on your enjoyment of the game."

theKiller5627d ago (Edited 5627d ago )

but in that 5% the ps3 have more deeper colors(more colors)!


but u wont feel the difference if u didnt compare them side by side!!
i think its safe to say if u have 360 then buy that version or else get the ps3 version, if u have both then also 360 version has better advantage because u have the option to get extra and achievements while ps3 will get their trophies in fall(about frame rate and loading times and pop up am still not sure about it about it seems the ps3 have an edge in that also), if u dont have any console yet and thinking to which one u should buy then u should think which games u wanna play after GTA4!!

its not that hard to decide u know!

Fallen_Angel5627d ago

ya a very slight difference in color but nothing anyone would ever really notice unless you are running them side by side like that.

MURKERR5627d ago (Edited 5627d ago )

but that wasnt gameplay,that was the intro

gameplay is a completely different matter thats where your actions control whats happening in the enviroment around you,thats when unfortunately as been highlighted in numerous reviews one console has worse framerate and pop up which DOES have a massive impact on your experience of the game.

youtube has some videos of the crazy pop up a certain console version has its actually terrible and knowing a certain other console doesnt have that would pi$$ me off big time a patch needs to brought out and soon

MaximusPrime5627d ago

i made my comment because i didnt want to disappointed xbox 360 owners.

sonarus5627d ago

yea that was definitely intro. They should have done a comparable drive thru the city. Why is everyone so scared to do a video comparison. By now i thought we would have seen one from game trailers

shadow_hearts5627d ago

It is almost given

anyone who doesnt notice the difference is a FANBOY

Fragking285627d ago

how would we be dissapointed personally i have all next gen systems and i favor my 360. Even if the ps3 has slightly better colors you have to remeber it not like all of us gamers are running the game on the same tv with different setting so you wouldnt notice any difference. Plus we have 20 hours of exlcusive never coming to ps3 new story branch coming starting in autumn of this year ( $50 million guarantees its never coming to the ps3) . Another thing if ps3 get some sort of dlc that doesnt mean it wont come to the 360 because sony never struck a deal so in all likely hood we'll probably get what your having and more. P.S. i usually dont sound like a fanboy but im tired of hearing people on this ite trying to put down the good things about the 360 version all the while boasting about some minute advantage the ps3 supposedly has.

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Sangheili855627d ago

Doesn't HappyNoodle rants sound just like Nasim from a while ago? I mean honestly? It's pathetic when he makes stuff up and continues to copy and paste the same comment in every section that concerns GTA4. Can't you just go to the open zone and leave us gamers alone?

Glad to be a gamer5627d ago

The two games look practically the same. I still not sure on the pop up as the videos we have seen of the 360 version are from pirated versions.

The reviews have said that there is more pop up on the 360 which is obviously down to the fact Ms have not allowed Rock star to use the hardrive to install the game to but i think with the caching the 360 hd does without the install and the faster speed of the dvd drive there should be minimal difference.

Therefore it comes down to six axis,slightly less pop up or dlc.
I choose Dlc as this is gonna be game of the year most likely so im definately gonna want to expand it.

Going down for the midnight launch for this one hope everyone manages to get there copy and to all A GOOD NIGHT AND ENJOY THE ROLLER COASTER WHILE IT LASTS.

ATLRoAcH5627d ago

....face goes between the two versions at one point in the video, you can really see what they meant by warmer coolers. Niko's face has a more realistic look on PS3 in my opinion. His face on the 360 side seemed pale. The rest of the video wasn't really good at comparing. That was the only moment that was good enough to compare.

sonarus5627d ago

Well i choose the ones where my friends are which is psn

But the bottom line is its hard for me to commit my purchase to a 360 version based solely off DLC when i don't know what the DLC is and how extensive it will be. So far the hints point at extra missions and after spending probably 60hrs in the game do i really want to pay for an extra 10hrs? If the game is really that good, somewhere along the line, i will probably be playing through the game again anyway so i doubt i will miss the 10hrs much.

IGN said the PS3 version has FAR less pop in and i doubt they were playing on the core units when they made that statement. With that news alone, it makes me more confident of my ps3 choice because before now i thought it would run better on 360 since they weren't showing ps3 footage. At the end of the day the only thing i will be missing from 360 version are awesome achievments

popup5627d ago

This is only going to get worse :( Beyond3d have pixel counted and.... You have to go and see http://forum.beyond3d.com/s...

I still can't decide which one to get myself...

shadow_hearts5627d ago

please dont fall for BEYOND3D/NEOGAF spam

what they are saying is total BS!!!

Firsly a random user captured some OLD GTA4ps3 screens from IGN and started claiming that PS3 version runs at 630P!!!!

then some came up saying PS3 version is better by stretching images of both versions by 400%

None of those TARDS have any realtime image capturing device to DETERMINE the image quality /resolution.


GAMESRADAR confirmed that both versions run at 720P NATIVE


"We captured the raw video in uncompressed 720p, with no post-processing to either stream. Shown side-by-side, it’s quite difficult to tell the difference between the two versions"

FordGTGuy5627d ago

That such things as color depth and brightness can be changed or calibrated on the tv itself.

solidt125627d ago

They both look great, but to be honest with you I can't wait to see how well the SIXAXIS support is in this game.

i Shank u5627d ago

hey look, itsssssss Nasim! (shadow hearts/sammy mantra)

popup5627d ago (Edited 5627d ago )

I just got it (midnight release in uk) and looking at the PS3 version in a vacuum, its really impressive. Regardless of anything you hear, read, zoomed in pictures and videos or anything else, you will not be disappointed in this game from a technical standpoint. I followed the advice of the reviews and got the version that had (for me) the largest friend base. Forget all the fanboy crap and enjoy the game because whatever comes out of this in terms of details between versions, non of it can make either game better or worse unless you are all just comparing penis sizes.

Let's face it, anyone can buy the 'other console' if the need (or game) really arises so what's the point?

hazeblaze5626d ago

The color thing really comes down to a matter of opinion I think. I like the look of the PS3 version better. But not so much b/c of the color... the better anti-aliasing on the PS3 version does make a pretty distinct difference to me... Looks much sharper. Of course, I wouldn't care if I hadn't seen them side by side though.

shortax5626d ago

then some came up saying PS3 version is better by stretching images of both versions by 400%

He is somewhat doubting the PS3 could be better. That is not nasim

MicroDeath SoftStar5626d ago

whoever created this article is a retard , its obvious you wont see the difference on such a low quality low rez image , its like trying to judge how good the gfx of crysis are on a ipod. anyone that can see a difference is imagining things and only making themselves look stupid . Im not saying they look the same im just saying that we need a high quality video to tell if there is a difference

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Surfman5627d ago

the only way to see differences, it's on a tv-hd.

thewhoopimen5627d ago


You should've said though, "If they claim its no different in 720p, why release a Quarter VGA video to 'prove' their point?" Where is the 720p video?

Personally I think Gamesradar claim is nonsense. If one platform is better, one platform is better. It's not like other sites have never claimed other 360 multiplat games were better.

InYourMom5627d ago (Edited 5627d ago )

If you want the non-HD version get the PS3 version or if you want the one that runs in native HD(720p) then get the 360 version.


wulan5627d ago

''We’ve played both console versions of GTA IV, and took the following video from the opening scene. We captured the raw video in uncompressed 720p

However it is clearly evident in the video that PS3 version has MORE STAURATED COLOURS and look more realistic

The Fake Deal5627d ago (Edited 5627d ago )

You are an idiot,they both run at 720p native you moron,stop spreadig your xbox fanboy BS. Grow up and except it ps3's gta4 is better than xbox's