100 PS3s available a day early at select Circuit City Stores

As soon as you read this post, get your behind moving to the nearest Circuit City store near you to be ahead of the pack. That's because on November 16th, six of their branches will be giving you guys a chance to have your own PS3, a day earlier than the rest.

Here's how it goes. Starting at 8:00 p.m., the event starts. Although, we're definitely sure you'd want to get there early. Inside the stores await 100 units of your much-awaited PS3, all available for purchase. By 10:00 p.m., the first 100 people in line will be handed vouchers. And come midnight, it's a free for all (or at least for the first 100 people) as the doors to Circuit City open, and you can now buy the next-gen console.

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Marriot VP4457d ago

so in high population areas they get more....we know this.

It's not like it's going to be more than 400K for the U.S.. Which isn't very final considering how Japan got hosed out of 20K.

Bill Gates4457d ago

your hate for sony is spewing out of your ears you have got to be one of the biggest haters on this planet.

If you reply to this just proves that your a LOSER.

Marriot VP4457d ago

haha, I like it how you say I'm a loser for responding. While someone with one bubble, clearly a mindless fanboy, doesn't want to feel bad because they can't respond. It's called punishment deal with it.

and it's not me saying this, its everybody. Sony's numbers AREN'T solid with the PS3. How can you think that they are with how many times they've screwed the consumer and stock holders.

And what's your favorite xbox game?, my favorite PS2 game was vice city.

Grown Folks Talk4456d ago

you could post that sony is the greatest company of all time and he would twist it into a complaint. you're not allowed to have an opinion on anything unless it's the same as his. i've tried to explain before that you can still have negative opinions on things you like. you love your mother, but sometimes she makes you mad or gets on your nerves. if you aren't pro sony with every comment, then you're a hater. try to get it through your head bill, everybody doesn't like what you like.