PS4: South African game prices shock on PSN

While the PSN service and its PS Plus subscription may
be an attractive prospect in your leap to next-gen, the
PSN store prices are out of touch with what SA retail
stores are charging .

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ooquis3892d ago

Ek gan reeds volgende jaar US toe om te werk. Dan bring ek klomp PS4's terug en smouse dit in SA.

WitWolfy3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Good luck with that, make sure you add a step up transformer with it... 110V in a 220V will end with people on your doorstep with pitchforks brah.

DestinyHeroDoomlord3892d ago

I was actually expecting it to be R7000. I wasn't expecting the crazy game prices though

CZUM3892d ago

No need to lament. Here in Poland w have prices for PSN games around ~100 USD (304 PLN) pretty much the same is in UK. In RPA is only 80 Bucks.

Best solution is to buy games on USPSS.

Fil1013892d ago

So that's why there is so many polish in Britain.

Thevariance3892d ago

I saw this coming from a mile away. At least South Africa is getting the console in December and the retail price is not as bad as it could have been (approx $630), considering there is an import duty, excise and value added tax added to the $400 price. I cannot, however, see that there is enough demand for digital, as South Africa is already poor in relation to other countries where the price of digital is regarded as too high.

CaulkSlap3892d ago

Wow I thought just full MSRP was bad enough for digital games. That only gets ridiculous when you can find it in stores for $20 and it's still $60 online. For South Africa this is just insanity if they expect people to ever switch over to primarily digital downloads.

caseh3892d ago

This is the same for ALL regions, not just SA.

UK/EU gets shafted the hardest, then AUS, RSA and other regions, US or something to that extent.

DestinyHeroDoomlord3892d ago

With an average of 2mbps (last time I checked) I seriously doubt anyone's going primarily digital

PaulFiend3892d ago

Hmm, lets see, they charge 649 UAH (~79 USD) for Killzone Shadow Fall here in Ukraine. Could have been worse.

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and it keeps happening for xbox

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