25 Stolen images in video games

Prior to gaming’s prominence in the entertainment industry, development teams were extremely small and did not have access to the plethora of resources available today.Project leads had to come up with promotional artwork for their games by assigning them to illustrators and artists who may not have specialized in promotional material, such as in-game animation. With limited time on their hands, the creators of these 25 Stolen Images in Video Games had to use what was already around them in order to expedite the process of promoting their specific title. Many of these were created during a time when Google was nonexistent, and sci-fi and action movies were at the forefront of the entertainment industry. Now that gaming has panned out onto a much larger forum and copyright laws are now heavily enforced, instances of tracing and other forms of plagiarized artwork have been on the decline, but they still occur every once in a while.

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BiggCMan3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Fun read, now watch it disappear behind all the fanboy headline articles -_-

Here is another one a friend just pointed out to me.

Dark Souls and Berserk (a Manga)

e-p-ayeaH3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

The souls games take huge inspiration from that manga i dont find that surprising

NexGen3585d ago

Some of these are reaching, but others are spot on. Fun article. I can't believe I never noticed that about contra lol.

e-p-ayeaH3585d ago

lol it was obvious you serious? xD


7 Lesser Known Metal Gear Solid Games

Metal Gear Solid is a hugely popular series, but not every game has achieved true notoriety. Here are 7 lesser known Metal Gear Solid games.

Chocoburger72d ago

The list is missing Metal Gear Solid Mobile for Nokia phones, but it includes the well known and multi million selling Portable Ops? 🤨

cerpintaxt4472d ago

lmao theres like 10 mgs games what a dumb article idea

SegaSaturn66971d ago

Metal Gear Acid 1/2 are crazy good games. Great portable experience.


Konami Is Making a Comeback, but What About Metal Gear?

Now is a good time for those who shy from broad daylight. Silent Hill is coming back, with its concrete-coloured fogs. Fans might get a new Castlevania, with interest in the series sharpening like a thirst, thanks to the Dead Cells crossover DLC. A trademark has also been registered for something called “Project Zircon” – the zircon being a collectible item in numerous Castlevania games, most notably in Symphony of the Night. The begetter of both series – and thus the celebrated bringer of gloom – is Konami, which, like a recumbent Dracula, is gradually returning to health.

But there is one more cherished Konami son, of whom we are yet to hear anything solid. Where is Snake? And what should we reasonably hunger for, as fans of Metal Gear?

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Nyxus186d ago

That's what I want to know. Konami did say that the series will still be supported: https://www.metalgearinform...

This was in 2016 mind you. Still nothing. They also removed some of the games from digital storefronts and despite promises that this was only temporary and they will return soon, so far it hasn't happend.

cammers1995185d ago

Konami stated after the collapse and cancellation of silent hills they would support the series and it went on that long hiatus. Hopefully they’ll bring back other stuff soon.

Nyxus185d ago

Yeah I hope the revival of the Silent Hill series means Konami is going to bring back some of their other franchises as well.

Strange185d ago

MGS without Kojima is not MGS

Nyxus185d ago

Perhaps but they could at least rerelease the old games on new platforms. They haven't released them since the HD Collection on PS3 / 360.

mastershredder185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

You mean without his very large staff that make 95% of the game for him to overlay in the credits (SEVERAL TIMES): “all made be me! Hideo Kojima! because the game is actually about me!

They don’t need Kojima's ego, drama or misappropriation of company funds. Be glad that they have moved on, and Kojima can align himself in new holes to dig himself out of with MS (and of course, take no accountability for).

MG and MGS never belonged to Kojima and THAT is a nice little sting he’s always and justifiably going to feel. Good riddance.

Outside_ofthe_Box185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

I will never understand Kojima haters. Yeah he doesn't code the game but he's providing the overall gameplay direction and story. Every MGS game he released introduced something innovative in the stealth department. That won't be the case in any future MGS entry.

185d ago
H9185d ago

Just remaster the old games, without Kojima it's not Metal Gear

Flawlessmic185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Mgs is coming guys, there's been to many rumours of a ps exclusive for there not to be smoke.

The remake will be exclusive and hopefully we get 4k set for all the other games.

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Metal Gear Remake: Why it’s Deserving and Necessary

The ending of Metal Gear Solid V was a perfect way to set the stage for a remake of the original game. In the end, Solid Snake faced off against Big Boss, the legendary soldier who was his mentor and commander.

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chrisx230d ago

Metal gear and metal gear 2 deserve remakes before MGS. but I don't trust Konami