Archon: The Board Game – 3D printed version of the classic 8 bit title

Archon was one of the most innovative games of its time; it was created 30 years ago by Jon Freeman and Anne Westfall. This 3D printed version of Archon is a great tribute to retro 8 bit gaming and an awesome innovation in the use of 3D printing technology for gaming fans.

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Redgehammer3412d ago

Archon is probably my favorite game on the C64, it was so much fun. I would love to have a set!!!

Anon19743411d ago

I think my brother and I still harbor some deep set, Archon instigated animosity towards each other to this day.

iceman063411d ago

Archon was the very reason that I begged my mother to buy me a Commodore...though I disguised it as an educational tool. I absolutely loved that game.

bangoskank3412d ago

I'd like to see a remake with current gen graphics. The battles would be sick if each character had their own unique arsenal of spells and special attacks, as well as huge environments that you could use to your advantage depending on your element. Someone do this!