Microsoft’s Xbox One Costs $90 More to Build Than Sony’s PS4, Teardown Shows

With the recent release of two significant game consoles, research firm IHS has been working a little extra overtime these days. After dissecting Sony’s Playstation 4, the team gave Microsoft’s Xbox One the same treatment this week to get a peek at its electronic innards in order to estimate what it costs to make.

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lifeisgamesok1877d ago

Wow so Microsoft's processor is better than the Playstation 4's


pyramidshead1877d ago

*is more expensive

Fixed it for you. <3

TheFallenAngel1877d ago

Its the secrete sauce and the extra cloud power handling that it has. That's why its more expensive.

Kayant1877d ago


Sony seems to have gotten a great steal with their APU solution with their GPU being 30-40% more powerful and having a similar CPU to XB1's but coming in $10 cheaper.


Looool just let him & misterx continue to dream ;)

DVAcme1877d ago

That's what happens when it's a HARDWARE company designing the system instead of a software company. They know how to best optimize for performance at an affordable price, and which components are most important for which functions. A software company doesn't have to worry as much because it's not really their function to run the software, the burden is on the hardware manufacturer.

Kayant1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I think it's more to do with MS priorities. They went with Esram because they wanted an entertainment box first & a gaming console second. Going with GDDR5 at the time would have cost them a lot due to the fact they wanted 8GB from the get-go. Sony was gaming first as they were fine with going with 4GB GDDR5 we can see this from the leaks & the late announcement of the consumer consoles getting 8GB as pointed out by MightyNoX Sony got lucky and was able to get 8GB for consumer consoles. If not we would have had 4GB GDDR5 with a more powerful CPU (Steamroller A.k.a Kaveri) based on the leaks.

jaredhart1877d ago

Sony has always been good with Hardware. Much more experienced than Microsoft.

lifeisgamesok1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

This is Microsoft we're talking about. If you think Sony got a better chip for a lesser price then you make me laugh especially when MS helped AMD with the audio for their chips

Those numbers you are spewing are incorrect and this just proved it

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GarrusVakarian1877d ago

So to you, more expensive = better?

So how do you explain the X1?

Redgehammer1877d ago

That's the same question I had about the PS3.

callahan091876d ago

The PS3 was one of the first Blu-Ray players on the consumer market. That justified the more expensive price point over the competition.

Sevir1876d ago

are you xbox fans really trying to argue the facts. Benchmarks cleary show that the PS4 out performs the XBO, the developers have said it, the developers on Launch games have proved it with comparable launch games running higher fps, higher resolutions and better AA and Post processing effects!

Eurogamer has already done the draw downs on each.

All this proves is that MS's custom design, ESRAM and Kinect sensor drove up the price of an underpowered machine!... next!

MasterCornholio1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


Nekroo911877d ago

go ahead and read ign article the cpu of the ps4 can go up to 2.5ghz no one knows the normal frequency ...

STEWIE_PLAY_PS41876d ago

PS4 is 1 building powerful than Xbox one lot of building lol

S2Killinit1876d ago

umm. no its costing them more. and also its weaker.

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TheEnigma3131877d ago

It's amazing how Sony was able to build a console with that power for an affordable price.

MightyNoX1877d ago

The timing was lucky. DDR3 prices spiked because of that Hynix fire in china and GDDR5 prices dropped enough to jump to 8 gigs. Fortune favors Sony

WeAreLegion1877d ago

Fortune favors Sony? I don't know, man. That earthquake really sucked.

solidboss071877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Even just 4GB of GDDR5 with a superior APU would do the job. You make your own luck, hence 8GB instead of 4. Now allows more features quicker, but Sony will still continue to shrink all of their system's overheads with time.

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