The numerous teething problems of the XBox One

WASDuk reports on the early problems faced by the newly-released Xbox One console.

malokevi3587d ago

I'm having this problem where my console is too awesome. How do I get a refund?

MRMagoo1233587d ago

im sure some one will take that ps4 off your hands.

christocolus3587d ago


I see what you did there.lmao. im glad my pals and i dont have any issues either. So far its been an amazing experience..hopefully ill be getting one for my sister next year for the fitness thing and one more for my nephew.

Enemy3587d ago

And they said the PS4's minor blue screen thing was a problem, lol. Everyday since the Xbox One launch we've seen problems reported.

TruthInsider 3587d ago

I have the opposite, everytime i see an Xbone i break out in fits of vomiting!

DarkHeroZX3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

The X1 is shaping up to have just as many problems if not more then the PS4. First of all MS manages to build a bigger, weaker box with a big fan and an external power brick yet it still manages to run hotter then PS4 to the point where a couple users had a smoking unit. The X1 fails to run exclusives and multiplats at 1080p. And now MS is banning users for what they do in the privacy amoung friends all for $100 more... And MS fans wanted Nintendo to leave the console business? Yeah its seems as though only Sony and Nintendo are the only ones who care more about their consumers.

CGI-Quality3587d ago

The PS4 had a fail rate of 1%. That's not only good, it's damned good!

On the X1 side of things, we just don't know how big the issues are/may be. With social media, something minor (1%) can be made into a far bigger issue (20%+).

DarkHeroZX3587d ago

Yeah and I dont even think the failure rating for PS4 is even that high. I honestly am amazes at how Sony was able to build such an efficient console.

MightyNoX3587d ago

You can't xbox live gold! The heck does that even mean?

DCfan3587d ago

You can't xbox live gold. Thats what it means

Arkworthy3587d ago

It means that there is Xbox live gold, and you can't it

MightyNoX3587d ago

Do you Voodoo or do you Xbox Live Gold?

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