NBA 2K14 Dev "Kick NBA Live while their down, We don't want to give them room."

GamerFitnation’s Antwand Pearman talks with Senior Producer Rob Jones about NBA 2K14 for the Playstation 4. With notable improvements in visuals and graphics, player—and crowd—personalities have become more realistic through things like detailed emotion, while improvements in the body and ball mechanics of the game make for a more fluid & realistic game play.

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Are you a NBA 2K Player or NBA Live Playler?

NYC_Gamer2933d ago

I enjoy NBA games and wished EA did bring some solid competition but that didn't happen this year


NBA 2k14 is an awesome game.

crxss2933d ago

nba 2k since dreamcast

Snookies122933d ago

2K all the way. I just don't see why someone would go with Live honestly. 2K is just so well done.


Well remember Live was the Champ back in the day. Still I did think it was funny that NBA 2K14 said they didn't want to give Live room.

Snookies122933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Oh no doubt, but these days 2K is the champ. Live has been dropping the ball (lol at that pun) lately.

WeAreLegion2933d ago

How's that MLB 2k14 coming?


I'll let you know as soon as we get info.

amnalehu2933d ago

They don't want to go there just yet. I would love to see them do an NFL game. EA kicked themselves while they were down with NBA Live. What a dreadful game.

WeAreLegion2933d ago

I was more alluding to the fact that The Show absolutely obliterates it.

Enemy2933d ago

Graphics? 2K14 murders it.
Polish? 2K14 murders it.
Content? 2K14 murders it.

There's no reason to buy that Live trash.


Ouch... NBA get's no Quarter from you bro?

TrueJerseyDevil2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

only thing I like better about live is the ESPN features and the menu

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The story is too old to be commented.