GamesBeat's 2013 ‘Naughty and Nice’ Alternative Holiday Gift Guide for your geek

14 gifts for the good gamers in your the bad ones whose holidays you'd like to ultimately ruin.

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Sadie21003472d ago

That retro controller is hideous!

JeffGrubb3472d ago

Gonna give those Assassin's Creed blades to all of my nieces and nephews and watch the madness unfold!

darkronin2293472d ago

Jeez, $40 for the wrist blade? I'd much rather use that money to buy another Assassin's Creed game.

Sadie21003472d ago

Not that I'd want it or would buy it, but $40 doesn't seem that bad! :)

spacepope3472d ago

Thousands of people will be late to work, because they had to wait for a valuable 4-block long piece to show up to complete the time. Then their morning shower took 30 minutes because they were trying to soap up with a slippery 360 controller.

deantak3472d ago

That HipShotDot is handy.

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