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Rumour: More PS3 Downgrades On The Way?

He's back. The connected PS3-party wet blanket who brought covert info on the PlayStation 3 has dug up some dirt from a phantom insider who claims the PS3 may see even more downgraded specs.

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RelloC6382d ago

wow, alot of people praying this is just rumor.

Bill Nye6382d ago

Won't be surprised if it happens.

Aflac6381d ago

ps3 has been way overhyped, it's only just as powerful as the 360 if not slightly less (and if this article is right, the ps3 is not just slightly less powerful, its gonna b noticeably ess powerful than the 360!) muhahahaha!

TheMART6380d ago

"Phantom Insider says: And yields on 3.2 Gigaherz CELL processors are too low

Red says: they can't produce them in mass supply still?

Phantom Insider says: so the final release might run only at 2.8 gigaherz

Red says: what have you heard about the rsx?

Red says: why would that be downgraded?

Red says: it as already somewhat weak

Phantom Insider says: RSX is finished and has been finished for quite a few months now

Red says: hmm"

We already knew that the PS3 GPU is weaker then the 360 GPU, but this looks really sh*tty for Sony. They are looking more and more like a bad soap

jiggajayp6380d ago

Didn`t I tell you all months ago that sony fired the whole dev team because of this??!! It couldn`t run at 3.2ghz and even when they tried 2.4ghz it still was overheating!!!! Sony is gonna downgrade!! Watch and see!! All this hype crap about being able to do 2 teraflops is another lie from sony to keep all of the attention on the ps3!! Now if this pans out to be true, the ps3`s cell won`t be more powerful than the X360`s cpu!! And as for the power supply, this doesn`t supprise me at all! Sony was already having problems fitting their hardware into those empty cases that they keep showing us, so having an external power source like the X360`s power brick is of no supprise! I think that if sony releases the ps3 in spring 07, they could have a lot of these problems worked out but if they do that, THEY ARE DOOMED!!! I am not bashing you ps3 fans but I am however bashing sony for all of their lies they have been telling since last gen and for Ken kutaragi trashing the XBOX 360 as XBOX 1.5! Now who`s 2.5??!! All I`m trying to tell you ps3 fans is wait and research really well b4 you make the $600 plunge!! Because if the ps3 fails and you have spent $1000 plus, you`re gonna want to kill sony like I wanted to kill SEGA for the saturn and then the dreamcast and pannasonic for the 3DO!!

Jay da 2KBalla6380d ago (Edited 6380d ago )

and i luv ur name. lol

But anyways didnt sony say that microsoft doing a worldwide launch wasnt smart but they are going to do one and didnt sony say that microsoft dual skus wasnt smart but they doing it and didnt they say that the power supply in a console should be external yet they are going to make it internal. hmm I'm starting to see what microsoft was saying about the whole leadership thing because all sony does is follow what microsoft does.