Is Console Gaming Really Cheaper Than PC?

This seems to be a hot topic when it comes to gaming. Console gamers hate PC gamers and PC gamers hate console gamers. It seems to be a full circle of hate and misery. Why?

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DEATHSTROKE-cro-2859d ago

yeah, let just say that every ps3/x360 will break and I will have to buy another one and you will not buy new parts for your pc for next 10 years and let's say that we console gamers can't buy used games for 10$ like I did -__-

" oh and I can watch BBC iPlayer free too… "
wow, let me get a PC right now haha

Utalkin2me2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Wow, thats truly a sad comment. I'm still on my original PS3 and PC parts lasting 10 years? Really you couldn't even run a game today on a video card from 10 years ago.

I can trade in my disc games and get just as cheap if not cheaper then your steam.

Einhert2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Yes you can.....

If you ran the same games on low settings equivalent to the consoles then yes a GPU can easily last that long. There is just this wild speculation that you need to upgrade a PC every time a new graphically intensive game releases, err no you can just avoid it or turn the settings down....amazing how options work.

You just like a majority of people who don't game on PC are horribly misinformed.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2858d ago

for fuck sake, I was being sarcastic.
-__- <--- sarcasm

I'm saying that article assumes your PS3 will break, it doesn't say that you will probably need to buy new parts for your pc in range of 10 years and it doesn't say that console gamers can buy used games for like 10$.

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ZeroX98762858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

If you limit yourself to one platform only, well your missing a lot of great games. PC, Playstations, Xboxes or Nintendos. I've been a multi-system owner for a long long time and I've enjoyed every second of it.

PC gaming. well instead of spending $600 on that crappy laptop and another 500$+$60 for 1 year of live on an Xbox one per example, well put 1200-1400 on a good PC/laptop and in no time you'll save on games the small extra you paid to get a PC instead of a console.

But again the simplicity wall is in the way. the mass market doesn't want something complicated, they want it very easy to understand. The Iphone is the perfect example of this.

JackBNimble2858d ago

What pc gamer plays their games on low

I play on ps3(ps4 very soon) and pc and I can tell you that playing games with a shitty gpu sucks.

TWB2858d ago

5 years is the bare minimum but only if you buy the latest tech at the time.
ex: Geforce 8800 GT, about 5-6 years old and now it cant run every single game anymore and struggles in some games (BF4 for example).

Yes, you can trade games on consoles but that means you lose the game and cant play it anymore.

Somebody2858d ago

"Really you couldn't even run a game today on a video card from 10 years ago. "

That is true to some extent but the real advantage of the PC is the opposite of your statement. Any games that you bought 10 years ago are playable on the latest video cards. GoG is a good example.

abradley2858d ago

@DeathStroke-cro- All machines break. Fact. P.S. I have gotten some pretty incredible AAA games for £2-3 on Steam, not long after launch on some occasions. Sorry, bargain bins rarely compare as shops still need to make enough profit to keep the shop open. Steam is online, costs are radically different.

@Utalkin2me Yes, as Einhert said, games run just fine on my machine, just as they do on the consoles no matter there age, even brand new games. Consoles can't scale settings, a pc can.

As for games, I'm glad you can trade in your games for cash. How long will that last? Xbox One already wanted that out of the way, at least in the physical sense. The PC has already emigrated to almost digital only and is doing better than ever. Do I miss trading in games to save cost, of course, the difference is I rarely have to pay full price for games on my PC, compare that to the fact nearly all console games have an extra tenner slapped on the price tag and us PC gamers are doing pretty well.

P.S. I doubt cheap games from shops can beat some of Steam's bigger sales.

JasonKCK2858d ago

"What pc gamer plays their games on low"

Sometimes you have to. Even on "low settings" many PC games still look and run better than on console. Look how old the STALKER games are and they still outshine most current gen (X1/PS4) console games.

That's why I'll never get why console gamers argue over graphics and specs. Fighting tooth and nail just for that 2nd place spot.

UltimateMaster2858d ago

I had several PCs to die on me.
I had at least 5 of them.
I still have my WIN7 gaming PC.

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plmkoh2858d ago

No worries, I actually read your comment and agreed with it.

GroundZeroesBob2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I would say PC is better value but both have pro's and cons.

To buy a full PC Rig upfront costs £600+ (to play games at a decent spec) and you usually get 3 free games in your card bundle so that's £100 worth of games for free.

although a NextGen Console costs £350 you don't get any free games to play so i will add 3 games based at £45 a title + £40 for your first year of subscription = £525 Add the fact NextGen consoles will last 10ish years then that's £400 in subscription charges thats nearly £1,000 all together you will be paying to have a Console this gen.

When buying a £1,000 PC you are getting £1,000 worth of hardware meaning [email protected]+ on any game. When spending £1,000 for this gen with consoles,only £350 of it is hardware meaning hardware restrictions causing low Res and FPS on games.

New Full title games on consoles can start at £40 and PC can start £15

Discounts on PC are far better than consoles, See HumbleBundle. Sometimes £250 worth of games for £3. And Mods are free and can add thousands of hours of gaming for no cost, See DayZ.

That is my 2pence on the value of them.

Dogswithguns2858d ago

PC doesn't seem to be for gaming anymore.. hope I'm wrong.

TheRealTedCruz2858d ago

How so?
I have 300 games on my Steam account that tells me otherwise.

MidnytRain2858d ago


That can be used for virtually anything as opposed to the dictatorial OS's on the PS4 and XONE.

MidnytRain2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

[double post]

TheRealTedCruz2858d ago

Steam OS . . .
Linux itself . . .

There are options for gamers. A lot would gladly move away from Windows once another viable option comes into play.

abradley2858d ago

PC gaming has exploded even more in the past few years thanks to indie games doing things on the platform they couldn't do on the consoles.

As for windows, you realise the One now has Windows 8 right?

Einhert2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

IF you quantify the expenditure over the years it can indeed be cheaper.

But it varies between people so generally quantifying is almost impossible.

Anyone who says otherwise is misinformed about PC gaming.

abradley2858d ago

Agreed, it all comes to down to the gamer. On average though I would say it is better value for money. The amount of free 2 play games is humongous compared to the consoles, though that may change over time.

That gives the PC a massive starting catalogue for anybody who's just bought one. Something even the new consoles are struggling with.

I do love consoles though for the great exclusives, just wanted to get it out there that PC gaming really doesn't have to be expensive.

thebudgetgamer2858d ago

Depends on how you shop for games.

Jack_Of_All_Blades2858d ago

There are pros and cons of both platforms

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