The Cell :: A revolutionary chip, born in Austin.

How 300 tech stars in 2 countries worked 5 years to create a revolutionary chip, born in Austin.

Richard Doherty got an early glimpse of Sony Corp.'s forthcoming PlayStation 3 video game console a few months ago as it whizzed through a demonstration of a road-racing game featuring Manhattan street scenes in brilliant cinematic detail.
"My jaw dropped when I saw the high-definition rendering," said Doherty, a technology analyst who works for Envisioneering Group. "The detail was fantastic. It will captivate people."
When Sony contacted IBM to create a new chip for its next PlayStation, IBM asked Jim Kahle to lead the project. Kahle, with a silicon wafer that goes in the processors, helped the teams overcome language and cultural barriers. When they did, they created a chip estimated to generate billions of dollars.
PlayStation 3 makes its debut in U.S. stores Nov. 17, a week after its release in Japan, and it's expected to be a big hit despite a hefty price tag and limited supply before Christmas. Global sales of about 38 million consoles by the end of 2008, plus more revenue from game software, are expected to give a significant boost to the $26 billion interactive gaming industry.

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Weapon X4456d ago (Edited 4456d ago )

Cool. There are a lot of kick ass people in Austin. Man, I went there on vacation three years ago and that WHOLE area of Texas rocks from Austin to San Antonio, to Houston, to Dallas! (Even West Texas is tripped out - like the desert)(Recreation, chicks, parties)
Anyway this is a cool story - I didn't know the CELL was devised in Austin with back and forth flights to Tokyo from Japanese exec's. over 5 years. What a task. WOW

mang4455d ago

I used to live and drive near the IBM company there (Burnet Rd in Austin, TX). Never would have suspected they were developing the Cell chip with Sony and Toshiba, quite interesting.

Maddens Raiders4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

IBM, Texas Instruments, Freescale, AMD, Cisco and Dell live there and / or have large chunks of their companies there. I remember back when Iguana used to be there (not so long ago - responsible for some goodies like Turok & NBA JAM!). My ex-girlfriend's dad is an engineer for IBM ( who worked there during the early stages of development) who told us that no one will really know what the true power the CELL is capable of until two or three years down the road, because [in his words] it's still being played with. But, that the scalability and future proofing (or military - proofing as he calls it) of the already powerful chip will really surprise many casual gamers and hard-core gamers for sure. Of course that's just his version of hyperbole, but thought it was worth noting.

S A G A T4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

I had no idea there were so many tech firms in Texas. The Cell being created there is definitely something I wasn't aware of. I'm not much of a playstation hound, but this is a COOL story.

P.S. - Who are the babes???

Maddens Raiders4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

Yeah - if you really wanna see something cool you gotta go to 6th Street and the surrounding area. Young/Hip/Bohemian/Heaven

The babes are part of the Texas State Swim Team. Rrrrowwrrr.