'Xbox: Where's My Free Game?'

When I hooked up my PlayStation 4, it already offered me two great games for me to play, three, if you count DC Universe Online. Had I not traded in a bunch of games for store credit the day my Xbox One arrived, I would have been able to, what? Play a fighting game with one character? A Kinect demo?

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dedicatedtogamers1790d ago

That's something very attractive about PS4: the free-to-play games are actually free. Planetside 2 is coming soon (or is it already available on PS4?) and that is going to be another massive ftp game for PS4 owners to enjoy, and they don't even need a PS+ subscription to enjoy it.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is busy monetizing Forza 5 and Killer Instinct.

amiga-man1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

M$ free, don't make me laugh M$ don't do free.

They do milking though.

Grave1790d ago

The free-to-play game War Thunder on the 29th on PS4 will breath new life into online shooters.

indysurfn1790d ago

Microsoft needs a game to save it like Ryse (ops that has a meta rating of 61 out of 100 dude). But instead of offering incentives like, Sony they offer fees. You need a fee to watch this trailer (when you think of it, it is advertisement for a game). If you don't pay that fee you need to wait 3 weeks.

Forget about the fact that Microsoft gold is not keeping up with PS Plus(and costs more). They need to offer something free to there fans. Why? Because the competitions is that why!

PARTIAL LIST of Xbox one problems:

1 Micorosft tried to take your ownership rights away, and the president said they will bring this policy back.

3 Inferior game graphics, causing you to stop at 900P for top games 720p for top 3rd party games only 30fps.
4 fees( if you want to see netflixs/huluplus PAY AGAIN)
5 You pay your gold membership, and still see ads.
6 More fees(if you want to get to your paid radio + 20 other apps).
7 Independent developers say it has 40-60% less power.
8 No truly free games.
9 When they bring the 24hour check in back, this means the machine will not work when there is a server problem or when next get comes and Microsoft discontinue them like xbox.
10 High price, do to paying for a device 85% early adapters will not use for games.
11 No backwards compatibility(competition has ps4,ps3,psp,psvita, NOT talking about converted psn games)
12 No game around the corner to save the system after the forced holiday buying is over then what?
13 Will have less developer support.
14 JRPG will be a factor this time because Sony is in the lead.
15 Not the lead machine this generation for 3rd party dev.
16 Not easier to develop for, seems like it is Sony's turn.
17 Indie developers are put down by Microsoft and up by Sony. Right now it is not as big a deal. But as a software developer I know that will change FAST with East Indians. They will get funded, to compete with big boys.
18 When the policies come back as promised people can only lend the game out 10 times!

19 More fees (I have to pay a fee before I can trade in a game? Really and ONLY MICROSOFT gets a penny of it not the developer) I bring that out because that is the excuse that Microsoft uses to impose a fee. And Microsoft controls who you can trade it in to (sorry disc reply/mom and pops).

20 Some people are intelligent enough to realize that this is called "setting a president". Once Microsoft makes it so you can trade/sell your game. Your Cell phone and PC and laptops, and Tablets are next. Not to mention many kinds of software!

Look up Microsoft, Ryse at 900P at 30FPS is not going to save the xbone. We already played that card now what?

DigitallyAfflicted1790d ago

Im sure M$ will pick up on it soon or later. Microsoft is doing good job watching fans comments and adjusting marketing moves to please the crowd...
We will see more free stuff on xbox1.

Off topic: M.Nelson is giving me cringe by trying to play cool dude!!!

Gozer1790d ago Show
DrRobotnik1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

@Gozer And you are here as well...pot calling the kettle black. Go play kinectimals kid, mama microsoft is calling.

FamilyGuy1790d ago

Blacklight Retribution
DC Universe Online

Trine 2 demo

And War Thunder is coming out this week.

You didn't even need to buy a game with the PS4 to enjoy it and a free month of PS+ was given with every console as well as a $10 store credit voucher.

Sony did an amazing job as far as I'm concerned. The integrated game streaming and watching is icing on the cake.

I honestly didn't expect MS to compete in this category so this article citing MSs compareable shortcomings is something I was doing months ago.

Ritsujun1790d ago

Xbone180'd, and Xbone720p'd.

shadyiswin1789d ago

they have to have free games to get anyone to play on psn over xbox live,but it will take more than that for me to forgive thathorrible controller and featureless console than some free indie games.

Forget the analog sticks not being placed how i like,they are still slippery and come out and the triggers dont compare to the xbox ones plus they are loud when you press them,the xbox ones feels better and are dead silent plus the rumble feed back in the triggers feel great with battlefield 4

malokevi1789d ago


I don't remember the last time I bought a console and was given a free game. The most free stuff I've ever gotten with a console is Killer Instinct and Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason.

Seems like any excuse to complain is a good excuse, these days.

You want a game? Buy a bundle! It's quite simple.

If you're a stickler for free stuff, Spark is on the way, among other f2p offerings that are surely in the works.

VENOMACR12271789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )


You should have named your list “My Xbox One Problems” because everything you named is a problem for you.
1. It’s not going to be brought back, it’s been stated multiple times. No way you can launch it one way and then all of a sudden everyone needs internet connections again. Could it happen years from now, who knows, no one can predict the future unless you can.
2. Well I see you couldn’t count to 2 and just skipped it, so let’s move on to 3
3. Inferior game graphics? Inferior would imply X360 to X1. Forza, 1080p, 60fps. Compare BF4 on both system when running and the difference is minimal.
4. Fees, you don’t pay extra for Netflix or Hulu. It’s included in your Live, but you still have to have a Netflix subscription.
5. I don’t see any ad’s on my X1 home screen
6. More fees? I like how your making multiple arguments for the same argument to make your list longer. Where are all these extra fee’s?
7. Independent developers? Really? One person says something so you automatically believe it.
8. No free games? Unlike you and your PS4, I get free games to keep and download to my hard drive for good. Halo, Crackdown, Fable. You enjoy free indie/arcade games you can rent, not own.
9. Again, this would go with your #1 item but you’d rather try to make another point to grow your list. Your point doesn’t even make sense.
10. Kinect is used for more than just games. BTW, Xbox Fitness is free and it’s excellent with Kinect.
11. I honestly don’t know, but I don’t think the PS4 is backwards compatible right now. And most people will keep last generation systems.
12. No game around the corner? Titanfall is in March, that’s right around the corner and it’s probably the game of the year (maybe Destiny). You also have Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark (free), and Halo in 2014.
13. Strictly an opinion
14. Again, opinion
15. Opinion again
16. Are you a developer? Or did you just read that one developer had a harder time then another?
17. Opinion again.
18. 3rd time you’ve made this point which should be lumped with #1. Your referring back to old policies.
19. Fees again for the 3rd time. Now your just making stuff up and reaching.
20. Wow, your just grabbing for anything now aren’t you.

Not trying to be a jerk, but your list is terrible. Half is opinions, theories, what if’s, and non-sense. You mention needing to pay a fee to watch a trailer, what? Your making things up far beyond the truth it’s ridiculous. Pay a fee or wait 3 weeks? What does that even mean? You are the WORST Sony fanboy I’ve read on this site so far. You pay for Gold Live if you want. There’s no hidden fee’s or extra fee’s anywhere. You need to do some research before you throw around BS. And how does Xbox Gold cost more when you can buy it for $40 on eBay or I just got 12 months for $34.99 on Xbox. Xbox Gold is not keeping up, really? Free games you KEEP, dedicated servers, and set the standard for what online multiplayer should be. I think everyone can agree the PS3 was behind the 360 in terms of online potential. Why do you think Sony now charges just for online play? The argument could be made you’re paying $50 just to play online.

Your entire list was things YOU see as a problem and the majority aren’t even true. Name some real problems like lesser hardware, system is bigger than the PS4, disc read errors are occurring for some, certain 360 Live content is missing from the X1 Live currently, MS lack of exclusives down the road, things like that. Are you 8 years old because that’s what your list sounds like. Most Sony fans are actually intelligent and put together a list that makes sense and isn’t made up BS. Yours is just pathetic. I’m sure I’ll get a million disagrees but anyone with brains on this site knows your list is a joke.

HaveAsandwich1789d ago

deep down, war thunder, possibly dayz.........

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GuyThatPlaysGames1790d ago

PS4 has a nice handful of free games already. I love Warframe and there's also Resogun, Contrast, DC Universe Online. They are all great games!

Back-to-Back1790d ago

Your free game is Killer Instinct with only 1 playable character.

Resogun kicks the shit out of any launch game imo.

Legacy2121790d ago

Funny microsoft gave me killer instinct for free with all 6 characters plus spinal in january and fulgore hmmm.

chaos-lockheart1790d ago

6 character? lol what's the difference

sonofmrpsychotic1789d ago

Hahahahahahahahahahhaha. The most powerful console for that 70's look like indie game. LOOOOL.

H0RSE1789d ago

pssst - Sony wants your money too. They ain't runnin a charity...

VENOMACR12271789d ago

Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone! Everyone thinks Sony gets their money from golden unicorns and leprechauns. Sony doesn't care about sales or making money, duh.

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iamnsuperman1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Playstation plus. As far as I am aware Games with gold is coming just not yet. PlayStation plus was a fantastic thing Sony brought to the game. One price for essentially a 3 platform service (PS3,PS4 and Vita).

Edit: I am liking how f2p is being taken more seriously

R1V3N1790d ago

Games with gold is out, and its crap.

Riderz13371790d ago

Games with gold - Crackdown...Rainbow six vegas...

Meanwhile on PS Plus:

AC3, Far Cry 3, Hitman Absolution, NFS Most Wanted etc.

I like that Microsoft is giving away free games to people with gold subscriptions but you can't take them seriously when you compare what they offer to what PS Plus offers.

FITgamer1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

It's out on 360, but Microsoft already said there would be more details for Games with Gold on Xbox One late 2014. So a year from now whatever games did terrible in sales will probably be free on Xbox One.

H0RSE1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Yet with GWG, I get to actually keep the games they give me, regardless if I remain a gold subscriber or not.

GWG is actually *giving* me games, whereas PS+ lets me rent them.

That being said, there are number of games I got from GWG that I haven't played, AC2 and RS being 2 of them.

VENOMACR12271789d ago


Don't forget Halo and Fable, but I guess who's counting them cause they are best sellers.

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Goku7811790d ago

My son just started DC Universe and loves it!

gamer11381790d ago

I got a free copy of Forza. Just saying.

caffman1790d ago

why are people disagreeing with you? I got forza free as well. And because Game hadn't got the codes in, I got mine on disc lol

Trekster_Gamer1790d ago

Which forza, and is it an option for others who bought day one edition?

Would love to get it.

quaneylfc1789d ago

I got fifa 14? How are these not classed as free? I might just not go on this site anymore. (even with the fanboy shit aside) The users seem to be thick.

pyramidshead1790d ago

I hope you like XBLA games...

They should give Titanfall away on the month or month after it releases with games with gold. That would sell a crap load of consoles. This of course will 100% not happen.