Xbox One “Sold Out” But There Are Still Plenty Right in the Heart of New York, Including Day 1 Eds.

Not even 24 hours after the North American launch of the Xbox One Microsoft sent a press release stating that “Xbox One is now sold out at most retailers,” but that statement must not have included Toys”R”Us or Best Buy, that have plenty in stock right in the middle of New York, including the coveted Day One Edition.

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Abash2496d ago

I asked Amazon if they could exchange my Day One edition Xbox One because the box was all scratched and damaged (I like keeping the boxes of my consoles, especially limited edition ones like that) and I was surprised that they actually had them in stock and could send me a replacement when the website said they were sold out O_o.

Eonjay2496d ago

I'm actually surprised they have Day One editions left.

Angels37852496d ago Show
Abriael2496d ago

@Eonjay: that surprised me too, and not just a little. When I was sent the pics with all those black boxes I couldn't believe it.

dasbeer882496d ago

It's only a matter of time before the Xbox division gets "sold out" to another competitor.

ThanatosDMC2496d ago

There's 3 Xbones by my local Best Buy. I was actually surprised that they had some.

Xsilver2496d ago

So if their are allot of Xones's left to buy I'm guessing Microsoft didn't sell as much as they expected especially since it was a worldwide launch :/.

iamnsuperman2496d ago

The big thing here is the day one editions (the other edition is irrelevant). They clearly thought demand would be higher as they are meant to be limited editions and should sell out on day one being a day one edition (that article pic alone has over a hundred in one shop)

RedHawk022496d ago

It's not a lie. Walmart is doing the same with PS4. It's to stock up for Black Friday and Christmas.

BBBirdistheWord2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )


So MS states "Xbox One is now sold out at most retailers"

Headline: Xbox One “Sold Out” But There Are Still Plenty Right in the Heart of New York, Including Day 1 Eds."

Isn't that the same thing?
When you think about it, there is literally nothing new in this story. MS reports that most units have sold out. Dualshockers is reporting the same thing with a flamebait headline.

Oh who am I kidding.
This was written by Abriael from Dualshockers.
He'll write any flaming headline to get hits.

He knows that N4g users won't read the story. They just read the headline and call MS liars.

Golfcoachh2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

By no means do I think they are sold out everywhere, but my zip code is 59105. And they are out everywhere here. Target said they had one in stock according to the website yesterday, I called and they said they will be getting some monday.

Edit= If someone knows a website I can order it from please post the link. I got my PS4 Pre-order, didn't think I would have the dough to get Xbox one but got a bonus at work friday and can now get one. Just stuck in Montana and there isn't any in Billings.

How do I get a disagree? If you find one in Billings Mt please let me know, that, or you are an idiot fan boy.

Computersaysno2496d ago

Penello says:

"If anyone can find an Xbox One on a shelf for more than a few minutes I'll give you 1200 bucks for it "

Well, this is logically the next step for Microsoft PR isn't it?


Abriael2496d ago

Yo look. BBBirdistheWord is mad and is dropping completely off topic personal attacks as usual.

Sorry mate, but "most" retailers means a majority percentage between retailers. Guess what? here are two major ones at which it's not sold out. There's plenty more.

That "most" is shaky at best, marketing dribble at worst. Sorry to burst a bubble.

kreate2496d ago


Ps4 is not available for sale. It's being saved for black Friday.

X1 is available for sale.
No need to save for black Friday as there is a surplus.

Ur misunderstood.

mikeslemonade2496d ago

I've been giving Microsoft too much credit. I thought they would sell out every where for the first week.

BBBirdistheWord2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Yo Look.

I call out Abriael's website dualshockers for writing a misleading headline and misrepresenting a statement made by a major corporation.

Abriael attempts to profit from this mis-representation and then gets personally offended when I call him out?

I still don't understand how MS lied.
That's a flat out lie to say that MS lied.
Nothing in their statement as reported by the article could be construed as a lie, except as presented in the headline of the article.

Gee. I hope Abriael doesn't get in trouble with MS lawyers for profiting from dissemination of mis-information.

DOMination-2496d ago

These are just dummy boxes which are no longer needed as the day one has passed. They can't market it when they have none in stock but keep the dummies just in case they get some more.

Golfcoachh2496d ago

So are any of you guys that are yammering on about how everyone has one going to point me in the right direction online? I haven't had anyone tell me they have them in my zip code but someone asked me to post it, which I did, I hear crickets......

nukeitall2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I can't find a single Xbox One in the entire San Diego area.

Been calling, MS Store (which won't tell you), Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and even Fry's.

Nobody has any in-stock for public sale. Only pre-orders are left, and that is what shows up on the Target stock locator.

Wish I was in NY! I would run over there and get another Xbox One Day One edition.

edit: DualShocker is again at it with misleading and click bait article. There might be some in NY and pockets of area, but in general it is sold out almost every where. I cannot find any.

I'm downvoting the website and story!

FragMnTagM2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I work at the biggest retail chain in the world and am the supervisor of the electronics section.

We have over 40 XBOX Ones in stock for black friday. We have 6 PS4s. We will probably get a few more PS4s before the event, but as of right now we have 6. We are not allowed to sell any of them until November 29th.

To the people that cannot find them, have patience. I assume all the retailers are trying to do the same thing and hold onto stock until black friday. A lot of retailers will have stock for the PS4s and XBOX Ones, but will tell you that they do not in order to get as many bodies into the store on the day of the sale.

This is to make sure that people will see the other deals and hopefully pick up other things as well. Say a family walks in with one person out of four or five people that want the XBOX One or PS4, the other three or four people might see something that they want that is on sale and it will increase sales. Does this always work? Probably not, but that is how retail works.

guitarded772496d ago

Dang... I didn't believe is, so I checked Wal-Mart's website, and EVERY Wal-Mart in the San Antonio/Austin area has them "IN STOCK". That's crazy.

GiggMan2496d ago

Wow I live in southern Virginia and just got back from Walmart where I saw a few of them. I talked to the guy in electronics and he said they had a few more in the back. I guess for Black Friday like everyone is saying.

I already have a PS4 and was tempted to go ahead and pull the trigger and snag one. I'll wait though, my son wanted one for Christmas but now I think he wants a WiiU. Anyway, there is no shortage yet.

rainslacker2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )


You're obsession with calling out Dualshockers and Abriael in everything he posts is really getting pretty pathetic. You bring nothing new and rant on continuously about the same thing again and again, yet never once do you really address the topic or the comments being discussed.

Seriously, you need to get over it and avoid his posts if it bothers you that much.

If DualShockers is that bad, it'll eventually be banned, or discredited by the community much like Polygon is going through right now.

Rainstorm812496d ago

I stayin the Wash DC area, and a quick zip code search on shows them in stock at most stores in the Dc MD VA area...they are in stock to buy online on Wal-Mart site as well

Golfcoachh2496d ago

Why lie. They are not available on to order and I called my local walmart that said in stock and they are out. I asked why it said they had them in stock online and he said they are not accurate at all.

uckitsay2496d ago

I saw they had a couple at wal mart when I went earlier. Also GameStop had one when i called looking for a ps4. North western Wisconsin Walmart and 40 min from Minneapolis mn for the gamestop

SilentNegotiator2496d ago

I guess they didn't so much "sell out" as they did "ship out"

PhantomT14122496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )


Actually, the same thing happened to me when I bought the Wii U at launch. My first console broke because I had a power outage during the big day-one firmware update. So I went to my local retailer to have it replaced and they had some in stock (I guess for circumstances like this) even though it was said that no units were left.

meetajhu2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

[email protected]'s previous comments is all about bashing Xbox and Microsoft. And says he bought a Xbox one and it was all scratched. All lies.

hakeem09962496d ago

They didn't lie ! they sold all theirs consoles to retailers so they sold out .Most stores are holding bundles for Black Friday.There's a reason MS decided to hold the release of the console in some countries .They want to make XboxOne Available thew out the holidays .They want to have a big leg up on Sony . That's what a Smart Company do .

BBBirdistheWord2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

@ rainslacker.

Interesting post.
Are you onstaff at dualshockers?

Simple question.
Got a simple answer? - without the personal attacks this time.

Please forgive my enthusiastic passion for exposing abriael and dualshockers for what they really are.

I just can't stand for gullible fanboys being misled by a tabloid internet journalist.

ChrisW2496d ago


How in the hell can you get 220+ agrees? When there are numerous people whose posts state otherwise?

Oh, wait... multiple log ins... SIGH... Typical SHEEP!!!

user55757082496d ago

when microsoft ships units to be sold they have already sold them to the middlemen. so "sold out" could easily mean that microsoft made their money already

Syntax-Error2496d ago

Xsilver-first off, A LOT is not spelled allott(OMG). Second, XBOX ONE was NOT a worldwide launch. Did you not see all the postings about them not releasing in 6 regions and giving FIFA14 away as a consolation. Try reading more before making yourself look stupid in the comments

unspok3n2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

So when someone claims to have them in stock in their city, they automatically verified stock exists everywhere else? Wow, that seems pretty far fetched. Guess MS didn't lie after all.

rainslacker2494d ago


No I'm not on staff with DS. Just an observation since you seem to repeatedly call him out. I pointed out before that Abrieal doesn't make it hidden that he works for DS when you tried to insinuate that he was deceiving people.

Perhaps you should consider reassessing where you place you're enthusiasm. If you disagree with the topic at hand try discussing that instead. It would appear that only people that already feel the way you do about MS would agree with you, so you're not doing anything to bring open discussion to those that may be interested in what DS has to offer.

The only thing I dislike about DS is the overly sensational headlines at times, and the really annoying full page pop-up ads. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with their site.

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Abriael2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Technically no. They said it "sold out at most retailers," which is a generic statement.

You could still say it's a half lie, because it's definitely available at quite a lot of retailers from what I can check, but it's start to make a statistic.

But we should really not be surprised. Marketing is almost always made of half truths and half lies.

Ezz20132496d ago

half lie is still a lie to me though

Abriael2496d ago

@Ezz: can't deny that too much. I'm just familiar with marketing, so I know what to expect.

pyramidshead2496d ago

If you think about it, the PS4 launch is like a perfect pincer movement in regards to hype and marketing. Let me explain seeing as you're familiar with with:

PS4 launches in US, hype & advertisement builds for US launch, PS4 launches in US, hype dies down.

XB1 launches worldwide a week later, PS4 hype dies down, XB1 hype 'ryses(lol)& advertisement, XB1 launches 'world wide', hype dies down.

PS4 launches for the rest of the world a week later after the XB1 to dull XB1 hype, XB1 hype deflates, secondary wave of hype & advertisement rises for PS4, PS4 launches for the rest of the world.

PS4 Europe & others ends up being the last big launch event and has the possibility to stick in people's minds and over shadow the previous XB1 launch.

You reckon there was any planning in that? heh.

edit: Also Japanese launch in Feb! lol

Patrick2496d ago

The Nashville Tn area still has plenty xbox ones at walmart, target and bestbuy, u can check their websites and see plenty in stock even in surrounding counties. I can find one within a 20 minute drive in any direction. PS4 HOWEVER, is sold out.

Grave2496d ago

@Patrick I just confirmed this for myself as well. I am near the Denver area. Some X1's available, not one store with the PS4.

Bzone242496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Unless you can check every retailer that sold an Xbox One in every county then you technically don't know one way or the other whether it's even a half lie.

I think it's partially a matter of distribution. The big areas got way too many and the small cities didn't get enough. I live in a small city, we have none. At least none for sale. My Walmart has Xbox One's and PS4's set back for black Friday.

Ju2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

@pyramidshead, I agree, this was a well thought out master plan.

a) launch first which creates momentum.


b) launch again as last to re-build the momentum and have brand recognition cemented in.

I also think Sony held back supplies to create hype.

But with all that said, they still sold twice as much.

sonofmrpsychotic2496d ago

Hilarious. Can't you see the Photoshop on that pic?

ChrisW2496d ago

I can still find a couple PS4s in some rural stores...

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Mikelarry2496d ago

Not a lie they were sold out " at the stores they checked" :)

dericb112496d ago

Kmart and Sam's Club lol.

komp2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Maybe not lied but even worse not many people bought them?

However take it with a pinch of salt. Stakes are high.

edit: @Abriael: "That doesn't mean not many were sold mind you.". Yes that is true also.

Abriael2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

That doesn't mean not many were sold mind you. Best Buy in manhattan had 1500 units delivered on day one.

Godmars2902496d ago

What they said was likely true. From a certain point of view...

DeadRabbits2496d ago

I would be more shocked if the had not lied!

FITgamer2496d ago

Now the truth is out. Not only does the wal-mart in my area have Day One editions still, they have two BF4 bundles and 5 standard editions out on the floor.

Godmars2902496d ago

And probably PS4s in the back to fuel Black Friday madness.

BTW: Why isn't Walmart up for crimes against humanity?

whome2496d ago

maybe if they have another RROD scenario, they might sell. it worked before right. and also wal-mart should be up for crimes against humanity any day now, just ask kevin annett. google him, i dare ya.

TheTwelve2496d ago

Wow, did they even truly sell a million worldwide, then???

Abriael2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Most probably yes. That kind of statement is VERY dangerous to make if it isn't true. It could even have legal implications.

cell9892496d ago

The funny thing is Microsoft can just make up that number, and there is no way to prove it's legitimate or not. To me it's more like they shipped out 1 million consoles and they have yet to sell all of them lol. They just threw that 1 million claim to stay relevant against Sonys world record

Shadow Flare2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

One of my favourite Microsoft lies was when they claimed they developed Full Artificial Intelligence to the point you could freely hold any conversation with the AI, in the form of Milo.

Milo. Never seen again.

Microsoft have stuffed the channel with the 360 and kinect before. Microsoft lie, that's just what they do.

Just ask milo

WitWolfy2496d ago

Man we're we fooled back then... FU MS!!!!

parentoftheyear2496d ago

I dont know what stores they were talking about, every store i go to i spend my time browsing the electronics and i have seen several XB1's at each.

Mosiac772496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Even sony lie. If you come to Texas there is a bunch OS PS4 in three different walmart in my area. Even the gamestop that I got mine still has about 8 they said.

Xsilver2496d ago

Did Sony ever say they were Sold Out?

BBBirdistheWord2496d ago


MS did not say they were "Sold Out".
MS actually said "Xbox One is now sold out at most retailers".

Big difference.
MS did not lie

You were likely misled by Abriael's mis-representational and misleading headline.

Don't forget this is dualshockers.