Will similar successes make Capcom realize a Vita Monster Hunter of its own is a good idea?

The Monster Hunter franchise was on of the PSP's biggest hits. Even though it started as a PS2 game, it really blossomed on the handhelds. So much so that most people hardly remember the first game (the PS2 one) at all. But despite the great success the franchise had on the Playstation Portable, Capcom decided to take the series away from Playstation and make the series for Nintendo. This gave way to many games to potentially fill the vacant void that Capcom so willingly left behind.

And in all honesty, Monster Frontier G isn't what the the audience wants, they want a full fledged proper Monster Hunter game

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GdaTyler3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

I sure hope so. :( I could see it now.

Monster Hunter 5 with front and back touch controls! Vita exclusive which pushes 450K units on this weeks Media Create!

A man could dream. I really wish Vita could get its very own MH or at least MH4. It would DEFINITELY PUSH UNITS, and Vita TV will sell out or something :(

Though in all honesty, I also hope franchises like GE, SS and PSO can make a name for themselves.

Beetey3355d ago

I completely agree. I love other hunting games like GE and SS and want to see them succeed, but Monster Hunter will always be my favorite.

With the Vita being a perfect fit for the series, all that is keeping them from making a Vita version is sales. Hopefully the sales of similar games, as well as remote play and VitaTV, encourage Capcom to finally get it done.

In the meantime, I will enjoy the series on my 3DS.

Blastoise3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

I reckon we'll see a Monster Hunter before too long.

Toukiden, Soul Sacrifice, God Eater 2 ect have done very well and the Vita is gradually increasing in sales.

There's money to be made on the Vita, not as much as the 3DS but profits are profits, and Capcom isn't doing so great these days.
If there's sure fire way to make money it's expanding Monster Hunter to another handheld