Gigabyte Radeon R9 Cards has Battlefield 4 Vouchers

Gigabyte has published pictures and features a series of video cards Radeon R9, supplied with coupons to download shooter Battlefield 4. Cards themselves is hardly new products, since they were first available and without the keys to Battlefield 4, however the emergence of such bundles can only be welcomed.

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ATiElite2864d ago

.....yep R9 290x is how I got BF4 for Free so I will use that $60 saved to buy BF4 Premium DLC package unless I can get that FREE through a GPU purchase, come on NVIDIA do that bundle!

gamernova2864d ago

PSH. AC over BF any day.

LAWSON722864d ago

I would not buy a R9 290(or x) until those crappy coolers are replaced. Still great deal and a great buy, can't go wrong with Gigabyte GPUs

ATiElite2863d ago

it was a R9 280x Gigabyte GPU!

I only use Gigabyte for my GPU's AMD or Nvidia!

I had to switch to Asus mobo's though as Giga was slow with EFI!