GameStop's Comments May Mean the Sony PS4 Is Destroying the Xbox One

In its recent third-quarter earnings conference call, GameStop (NYSE: GME ) treated investors to some juicy details surrounding the battle between the Sony (NYSE: SNE ) PS4 and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ) Xbox One. So just what did management at the nation's largest video-game retailer have to say about the PS4 and Xbox One?

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pwnsause_returns1879d ago

well, no crap.

The PS4 sold 1Million in NA alone, while the X1 sold 1Million In 13 territories.

Gives you a perspective of whats to come.

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jaredhart1879d ago

It's exciting to have a new console war!

I don't think this one will be as fun as the last one though.

Rockstar1879d ago

I disagree.

This one will be as exciting or more exciting because the tables are reversed and IMO PS4 is set to dominate in no small way. The gap will be quite large by the end of this one.

GarrusVakarian1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Exactly, European numbers are going to be crazy on top of the NA numbers, the PS4 is dominating and has been since its reveal.

ZBlacktt1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

And to think, the NA consoles were held back as stated by Jack T. They made them limited at launch. They wanted to make sure families could get one come Christmas. This is why we are seeing these secret Black Friday deals now. About some stores are going to sell them at certain hours. The whole thing is just crazy. Glad I got mine and don't have to deal with that nightmare.

Either way the console is just going to sell out everywhere is launches. People over here are listing them for avg double the cost on Craigslist.

Goku7811879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

You are right. 2 countries vs 13, still able to walk into stores and find Xbox Ones, they don't wanna release US Xbox One number. Anyone who can't see PS4 has already won is in denial.

Automatic791879d ago

Your in denial when MS stated they want to continue to provide supply even after day one so even if you magically find a system then its because MS has stepped production globally due to demand not because of lack of sales.

Go troll in another article

GribbleGrunger1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I always find it odd when sites like this go to great lengths coming to a conclusion when all they have to do is look at official release numbers. Over 1 million PS4s sold in America/Canada versus 1 million X1s sold worldwide is all you need to know. Also notice that Sony have said 'over 1 million' while MS have said '1 million' which suggests that the X1 could be just shy of 1 million.

We know that MS released in 13 countries but we also know that they wouldn't have just allocated an equal share of the 1 million world wide. But neither will they have allocated a pointless amount to regions outside of the US. 500,000 units spread between 12 other regions seems very low and almost just a token amount so surely it's more than that? I'd say MS have sold in the region of 300,000 to 350,000 units in America/Canada.

In the mean time, Sony will have been selling more PS4s during the week leading up to the X1 release and with demand high and Sony telling us that they had consoles allocated for store shelves, it's safe to say that they must have sold at least another 200,000 units in America/Canada.

Sony aren't going to leave Europe with a very low amount of consoles and therefore it's not a stretch to assume there's at least another 1 million PS4s in Europe alone with perhaps another 400,000 to 500,000 allocated to regions outside of Europe like Australia (there is a chance it could be lower though)

If you put all this together, taking into account that the X1 will also have sold more consoles leading up to the release of the PS4 in Europe, it's easy to assume the PS4 will have outsold the X1 by at least 1.5 million units by the end of this year ... perhaps even 2 million if Sony can produce enough PS4s. I'd also add that IF rumours of yield problems are true, the PS4 could even outsell the X1 by 2 million by the end of this year.

FITgamer1879d ago

I'm sure the PS4 sold slightly more because the articles that have been only said it surpassed the 360 and nothing saying "Xbox One makes history" like was with the PS4.

GribbleGrunger1879d ago

That last figure should have been 2.5 million. Damn the editing system on this site.

Triella1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Maths are easy and they match your prediction.

By US launch Sony had shipped 2.3 million consoles, by EU launch the total will amount at 2.8m. After that Sony has still one full month of production to ship : about 1m. Assuming Sony will sell through 87% of its production (the rest being stored in warehouses or waiting in back shops), by the end of the year PS4 will reach 3.3 million.

On the other hand, MS has shipped between 1.4 and 1.5 million consoles for launch. They will have another 500K to ship up until Christmas. We know Xbox One sold 66% of its stock on day one. Going by this trend and assuming it will sell a little bit better due to its higher availability (around 75%), then by the end of the year Xbox One will reach 1.5 million.

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pwnsause_returns1879d ago

"The Death of the PC
The days of paying for costly software upgrades are numbered. The PC will soon be obsolete. And BusinessWeek reports 70% of Americans are already using the technology that will replace it. Merrill Lynch calls it "a $160 billion tsunami." Computing giants including IBM, Yahoo!, and Amazon are racing to be the first to cash in on this PC-killing revolution. Yet, a small group of little-known companies have a huge head start."

That is a stupid prediction btw. PC gaming will never die. Steam Proves that easily.

stuna11879d ago

But even with this being the case we have the apologist still proclaiming that the Xbox1 has preformed some unattainable feat by selling a console worldwide to garner 1 million sales! If Sony had released worldwide Microsoft wouldn't have had a chance! It actually would have been pretty funny how Microsoft would have tried to make comparisons.

We at Microsoft pride ourselves with delivering the most powerful console and content with 300,000 servers providing unlimited cloud potential from the planet Krypton empowered with the life giving rays of our yellow sun.

mhunterjr1878d ago

If Sony would have released world wide, they would have sold the exact same amount.

If Microsoft would have only launched in two countries they would have sold the exact same amount.

You seem to think that since ms launched in more countries, they had more consoles on shelves. They only sold 1 million, because 1 million is roughly all they had available for sale.

These companies can't seem more consoles than they can produce.

stuna11878d ago

So what you're saying is the allotment would have been the same? How could you make that determination? You can't, just because a certain amount we're released here doesn't mean that same amount would be released in another country! Not only that, no one but Sony and Microsoft actually know how many initial consoles were made to begin with! It has already been stated that Sony had begun production of consoles well before Microsoft at E3. So if they produced more consoles what' is to say they would not have sold more consoles?

mhunterjr1878d ago

That's not really what you said. The overwhelming consensus from analysts is that Both consoles will be very hard to come by years end. It doesn't matter what part of the world you are in, it's a matter of supplies. Sony themselves expended to ship 3mil. Analysts predict ms will ship a number close to that as well. A global launch from Sony would not change the fact that Sony will only get 3 million units on shelves by jan1.

mhunterjr1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Sony can't sell more consoles than they can make... They are expecting to sell 3 million by jan1. It's safe to say that Sony will sell every single console that ever touches a shelf in that time frame. It doesn't matter how many countries they launch in. The allotments per country may vary, but at the end of the day, they can only sell what they have shipped. It's a given that Sony would sell more than ms in NA, because they shipped more consoles to thise regions.

The same goes for MS. They launched in 13 countries, but the allotments weren't very big, because like you said, they haven't even produced as many as Sony. they simply haven't placed that many consoles on shelves at this point.

The geography doesn't matter. All that matters is number shipped, versus number sold.

stuna11878d ago

And that's exactly what I said! Unless you've read somewhere that Sony or for that matter Microsoft stated exactly how many consoles were actually made or shipped! There is no true representation of who made how many, or who shipped how many.


When a store gets 100 ps4s and 30 Xbox ones then of course the ps4 is going to outsell. It's basic math. Ms just hasn't produced enough consoles to meet demand. Why do you think all those Xbox one kiosks are just shells playing videos. They literally dont even have enough consoles to fill demo units. And if you truly believe the demand is higher for ps4 just go to your local GameStop and hang out for about 15 minutes and count how many phone calls they get asking about Xbox ones. I promise you'll be surprised. I'm not biased I have both consoles but I'm tired of people making it sound like Sony is better because they have more units.

Rip-Ridah1879d ago

I see your point. But I offer you a counter argument: How do you explain the months leading up to the launches with all of the preorder numbers and multiple website polls of popularity/interest? The writing was on the wall what was going to happen on February 20; then further hammered home and solidified at E3. Microsoft lost LOTS of gamers with their initial plans. They lost my support last gen after 6 consoles. (I broke 1 in frustration).

iamnsuperman1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

You can't back up your claim though. You may be tired of people making out that Sony's console is better but you are not doing anything better than them claiming something that is neither a rumour nor confirmed as fact. You need to back up your claim with something tangible because at the moment your argument falls flat (you have just created a scenario out of nothing to explain a situation)

FITgamer1879d ago

Also keep in mind that there are stores that still have Xbox One in stock. I'm not saying demand isn't high, but if i was on the level of the PS4, that wouldn't be the case.

D-riders1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

You can pick up a Xbox One in alot of stores which kind of mutes your point

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chrissx1879d ago

No suprise here considering the Ps4 is a Beast and the competition is a pet

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