Five 3d platforming heroes we'd like to see return

With all the rumors of Crash Bandicoot being thrown about recently, it made us think back to other 3D platformers we think are worth revisiting.

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shivvy243888d ago

Wow I completely agree with this list, definitely would love to see jam return , still glad ratchet is around

cockmaster3888d ago

Spyro is in the skylanders he never disappeared..

GutZ313888d ago

I really wish they would never have sold spyro off. His legacy is forever tarnished after Enter the Dragonfly.

AnotherProGamer3888d ago

I hate the Spyro Skylanders design so much. its looks like Spyro has been taking crack for 10 years

from the beach3888d ago

Nintendo should seriously consider a 3D Donkey Kong game.

link2Dpast3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I mean these are all great choices and the games were great to play but will they survive the times. These games took patience , exploring , imagination. Not many gamers fit that category in this new gen, so they run the risk of putting money and taking time to do these Games and wondering if they would be successful. If you grew up with these Games we know the characters and we know the games could deliver. Like I always say people believe as we get further into the future and gaming evolves that it's getting better but everything is becoming mindless and dumb down.these games took thinking and the more in the past you go into gaming you see games that are inedible in so many ways and so many factors that made having "Gaming" as time passes games became easier, inconsistent, and mine numbingly predictable.

ifritAlkhemyst3888d ago

Spot on. But this community will rage rape you before even considering your comment as genuine. They are, afterall, partial to the games you take issue with than the games you're praising.

link2Dpast3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Yea your right, I try to be as unbias as I can and yes I prefer Nintendo for the simple reason that they are who they have always been, some see this as a negative but in an industry where games are played for a simple rush have become the norm. I praise the past because the ideas were unique and the trend was not for a 10 second rush but to involve you in a experience that was based on the time and pace you wanted. It's not nostalgia that drives my views or bases my opinion , it's just incredible gaming plain and simple, the community of people that don't agree are just followers of what is wrong in gaming , I'm the voice of many who feel this way but are torn down but idc because I literally have every Damn system created and unbiasly love them all. Sony had the best rpgs while Nintendo first party and Sega had great ideas. Sony has swayed from what they were, Sega is sadly gone because the community just have up on them the dreamcast was a he'll of a system one of the most under rated systems, while Nintendo has stood it ground and is still Nintendo that it has always been and had been loyal and try to be what gaming should be.

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Kneetos18d ago

Mario and sonic

Next question

LucasRuinedChildhood17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

The Prince and Farah

Few others:
- Booker and Elizabeth
- Joel and Ellie
- Jade and Pey'j
- Jak and Daxter
- Nate and Sully
- Master Chief and Cortona
- Gordon and Alyx

Retroman17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Bill Rizer and Lance Bean , Ratchet and Clank , Jax and Daxter


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