Metal Gear Solid VR Missions due next week on PS Store

The latest PlayStation Blogcast has confirmed that the Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions will be released on the PlayStation Store next week (via Destructoid).

Originally released in 1999 as an expansion for the critically-acclaimed Metal Gear Solid, the VR Missions - known as Special Missions in Europe

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I_am_Batman3885d ago

Wasn't that out for a while now? I got it through PS Store but I bought the MGS Legacy Collection so maybe it was some kind of early access.

RetroGam3r3885d ago

Thats what I thought, But yes we got it early on the legacy collection. Probably another one of those "its exclusive only to this collection" then released to the public a few months later.

admiralvic3885d ago

At least the legacy edition was a good deal regardless.

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cyphertech3885d ago

Maybe vita owners will be able to download mgs1 no the ps store? And don't say download it through my PS3 because I'm deployed and can't do that at the moment. I don't see why we can't download a large number of titles on vita that are downloadable on a psp.

admiralvic3885d ago

It was a big feature for the PSP, though it was more of an afterthought for the PSV.

ChipChipperson3885d ago

Still have my original PS1 copy and the download from the Legacy Collection. Worth it simply to play as Gray Fox and the Mystery Mode.


The Decline of Stealth Games Has Been Sad To See

Salman From Tech4Gamers writes "Once a big deal in gaming, stealth gaming, all about sneaking around, planning, and staying cool under pressure, seems to have faded away."

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DaReapa12d ago

"The decline of the stealth genre can be traced back to several factors. One big problem is that many games today sacrifice stealth for more action-packed scenes.

Even titles labelled as “stealth” often turn into loud shootouts soon after starting. The emphasis has shifted from sneaky strategies to just charging in and shooting, with stealth almost forgotten."

And that's what disappointed me the most about MGS4. While still a good game, it largely abandoned it's stealth roots that made the series so compelling. Since, I've gotten my stealth fix from the likes of TLOU, Hitman, and less popular tiles like Shadow Tactics.

Lexreborn212d ago

Hmm, MGS4 had the same liberties as all prior MGS games. You could do a complete stealth no kill run in mgs4 with no issue. While also giving a large array of gameplay variations that enhanced the experience.

No MG game except Revengeance has not been able to have complete stealth runs.

DaReapa12d ago

True, there were indeed non lethal runs in MGS4. Perhaps I used the wrong wording, but I was more so referring to the 'guns blazing' aspect of the gameplay. This was something that wasn't easily accomplished in the prior games of the series. One reason being that you had limited ammo. In MGS4, you had virtually all the arsenal and ammo you'd ever need early on in the game by way of Drebin points. This alone made stealth all but unnecessary, and resulted in a much easier game than previous entries. That's what the article's alluding to.



You could go guns blazing even in MGS1, I know 'cause I sucked at stealth at the time and I still beat that game by simply going gung ho on the lowest difficulty and replaying multiple parts over and over 'till I eventually made it.. And it was never the case that the games simply allowed you to just play Rambo instead of a spy with no punishment, you always had a much harder time trying to be a one man army on higher difficulties than just being furtive, so it was always very much stealth first and foremost, the supposed appeal to action in MGS4 was never an issue, they added more weapons and tactics which made all out war a more viable option in some parts but not all of the game and never the ideal course of action. In fact MGS4 have, just like all other MGS games (even the open world unfinished mess that was MGS5), a score system which will rank your run and the point system, like always, favored stealth, non-lethal approaches... Not only the rank/emblem is tied to playing stealth, the game had multiple item unlocks and trophies which you could only ever get by playing it furtively... Hardly anything required you to play guns blazing.

So can we please stop making bullshit up about MGS4 already? I don't know if you were mad the game skipped your platform of choice in favor of the PS3 or if it devalued your life achievement of beating a silly game by being a little more accessible or whatever else was the issue, but it was some 15 years ago, it's time to let go of this whole they abandoned stealth bullshit, they never did that, in fact, it was the second best stealth mechanics in the entire franchise, behind only MGSV, which allowed an even more complex stealth system (and even more open combat too if you wished, because that's what the increasing technology of different generations allowed) but I would argue MGS4 still took more advantage of their stealth mechanics than MGSV ever realized (largely because of open world vs linear structure, but still...). Yes, you could play like a normal shooter action adventure, but you could even more easily had played it like one of the best stealth action games ever. If you choose not to, that's on you.

Snookies1212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

MGS 4 most certainly did not abandon its stealth roots. As someone who got pretty much every rank you could achieve in that game. I can assure you, that is not the case.

cloganart12d ago

Should play MGSV - great stealth mechanics.

PrecursorOrb12d ago

In my opinion as far as modern stealth mechanics and freedom of approach I think V is the best we’ve had so far

BlackCountryBob12d ago

Interesting, I would however add that I think part of the decline in interest in many recent stealth games, Assassin’s Creed as a prime example, has been that instead of the stealth play being the fun, it’s been RPG’d as a character choice akin to playing as a mage or a thief with all the same drawbacks and things which turns many players away (upgrade grinding, obscure overly complex skill and equipment upgrade trees). One thing about MGS, Splinter Cell, early Hitman and early Assassin's Creed etc was that they were games you picked up and played with the game the feature, not supplemental to homework hidden in the pause menu.

Fist4achin12d ago

There out there. You just never hear about them.

anast12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

The novelty has worn off for 'pure' stealth games. They are too tedious. I personally like a good mix.

tombfan12d ago

Cyberpunk 2077 can be a stealth game if you want to... a pretty decent one too.

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