Metal Gear Solid VR Missions due next week on PS Store

The latest PlayStation Blogcast has confirmed that the Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions will be released on the PlayStation Store next week (via Destructoid).

Originally released in 1999 as an expansion for the critically-acclaimed Metal Gear Solid, the VR Missions - known as Special Missions in Europe

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I_am_Batman3588d ago

Wasn't that out for a while now? I got it through PS Store but I bought the MGS Legacy Collection so maybe it was some kind of early access.

RetroGam3r3588d ago

Thats what I thought, But yes we got it early on the legacy collection. Probably another one of those "its exclusive only to this collection" then released to the public a few months later.

admiralvic3588d ago

At least the legacy edition was a good deal regardless.

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cyphertech3588d ago

Maybe vita owners will be able to download mgs1 no the ps store? And don't say download it through my PS3 because I'm deployed and can't do that at the moment. I don't see why we can't download a large number of titles on vita that are downloadable on a psp.

admiralvic3588d ago

It was a big feature for the PSP, though it was more of an afterthought for the PSV.

ChipChipperson3588d ago

Still have my original PS1 copy and the download from the Legacy Collection. Worth it simply to play as Gray Fox and the Mystery Mode.


New Metal Gear Solid Merch Stealthily Approaches

A whole host of new Metal Gear Solid merch is now available from Merchoid, including coins, bottles and keycard replicas.

aaronaton86d ago

Unofficial fake trash. Worthless

CDbiggen86d ago

I've seen better on Etsy tbh

Rebel_Scum85d ago

"coins, bottles and keycard replicas"

And no cardboard boxes! smdh

77d ago

The Metal Gear Solid Remasters Will Not Have Keyboard/Mouse Support On PC

According to a now-deleted store page, none of the Metal Gear Solid games will have keyboard and mouse support on PC.

Flawlessmic87d ago

why would you even want to play these games with a mouse and keyboard lol

porkChop87d ago

Why not? While I prefer controller for 3rd person games I still recognize that not everyone wants to use a controller.

RaidenBlack86d ago

Because not everybody likes to play holding a controller? Irrespective of the fact that the game might be more enjoyable whilst playing using a controller.
Releasing a software on PC and saying it won't support the platform's default input hardware, lol.

luckytrouble87d ago

Everyone has their own preference. Why do you assume everyone wants to play everything with a controller? Is it suddenly a bad thing if people actually have access to their preferred control method? Believe it or not, ending a comment with "lol" as if it's just so darn obvious does not suddenly make your point valid or good.

Flawlessmic87d ago

they are 3rd person action games, they don't lend themselves to being played via keyboard and mouse, just seems like a very imprecise way to play them.

itd be like me trying to play starcraft with a controller, the thought is funny to me as that would just be weird.

anyways didnt mean to insult, just seems a weird way to play those games, id say konami agrees.

Omegasyde87d ago

^ played StarCraft N64 just fine (KBM still was preferred though).

The point is why not have the option to?

Flawlessmic87d ago

like i said didnt mean to insult and obvs allowing people a choice is preferred.

all i meant was it seems a weird way to play, nothing more nothing less

FinalFantasyFanatic87d ago

3rd person action games are perfect for Keyboard and Mouse, don't know how you could ever justify otherwise.

Number1TailzFan87d ago


Indeed, keyboard and mouse is ideal for quite a few game types, like management/sim style games, RTS, first person, third person.

Then you have racing/fighting games etc which work better with a controller.

FinalFantasyFanatic86d ago

Okay guys, if you're going to disagree, you'll have to justify your sh**y opinion, how does 3rd person not work with a Keyboard and Mouse?

I agree that Racing games and Fighting games are better with a controller, I can make do with K&M on racing games, but it's not ideal, a racing wheel would be best, but I don't want to fork out for it. And I just can't do fighting games with a K&M, I've tried, but it's impossible, I need the D-Pad at least, I can't do the circular D-Pad motions with a K&M.

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FinalFantasyFanatic87d ago

I would, but if it doesn't support it, I'll just use a blue tooth controller, I have an 8bit do controller just for this reason.

just_looken87d ago

not a excuse when the old ones were on pc mgs 1 mgs 2

Keyboard/mouse worked then it can work now

RaidenBlack86d ago

Because not everybody likes to play holding a controller? Irrespective of the fact that the game might be more enjoyable whilst playing using a controller.
Releasing a software on PC and saying it won't support the platform's default input hardware, lol.

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ChiefofLoliPolice87d ago

Kinda weird but I'm sure someone will mode it in there on PC. Where there is a will there is a way.

Double_O_Revan87d ago

Wasn't MGS1 released on PC back in the day? What were the controls back then? Surely it had keyboard support.

just_looken87d ago

That one and mgs2 are on pc with full kb/m support

GOG has both if you got a pc check them out

Shimsok87d ago

This may be the wrong article to ask this on, but I genuinely have a question: is Metal Gear Solid Delta really set to just be the same game, but just with a graphics overhaul? I read somewhere they were just going to reuse Metal Gear Solid 3's dialogue and soundbites, but I want to know if this has been confirmed or anything...

DarXyde87d ago

Last I checked, that's correct. So... David Hayter as BB, no new recordings, etc. Functionally a very safe remake.